Multi-Vehicle Accident Lawyers in Dallas

A multi-vehicle accident is not only an extremely scary experience but also highly dangerous, causing some of the most serious injuries.

When a multi-vehicle accident occurs, it can be difficult to establish liability. Before any damages can be given, comparative negligence must be established. Legal complexities abound in the case of multi-vehicle accidents. Multi-vehicle accidents tend to occur on more traveled roads, such as state highways and typically occur in urban settings.

Multi-Vehicle Accident Causes

Causes of multi-vehicle accidents can include:

  • Low visibility
  • High traffic speeds
  • Negligence

Multi-vehicle accidents are so dangerous because car accident victims are more likely to get trapped in the aftermath of this kind of crash; another car could strike them as they exit their car, a fire can often erupt and spread quickly across the crash site, and victims are often hit multiple times in their car and at high speeds. The cost of a multi-vehicle accident can be thousands of dollars, and it can take days to clean up the wreckage. Because of the exorbitant cost of a multi-vehicle accident, the amount of time it takes to investigate such a matter, and the fact that multiple people could be at fault, it is imperative to have a Dallas car accident attorney on your side to help you through the entire legal process of reclaiming the damages that should be yours.

What You Should Do

After contacting the police and receiving the medical attention you need, the next best thing you can do is hire a personal injury attorney. A Dallas car injury lawyer can work with an accident reconstruction specialist and aid a police officer as he or she documents the vehicles involved, collects evidence, and takes eyewitness statements. Our services can help bolster your claim!

Determining the order of cars is crucial- once this is established, you can know who hit whom and who is at fault for the injuries you sustained. If you are found liable at all, you will have to pay the percentage that corresponds to the percentage you were at fault. For example, if you were 20 percent at fault, you will likely be able to only recover a maximum of 80 percent of the damages owed.

It is important to get a Dallas personal injury attorney on your side, because often in the case of a six car pile-up, you have six cars, six drivers, and six different stories. Multi-car accidents are guides by the same rules of the road and laws of negligence that determine liability in other accidents, and the car accident attorneys at Zinda Law Group can help you learn more about these rules and how they pertain to your case. Don't pay damages if you weren't at fault and don't settle for receiving less than is owed to you!

Experienced Dallas Car Accident Lawyers

At Zinda Law Group, our Dallas car accident lawyers know that you will need compensation to cover medical costs such as hospital visits, treatment, rehabilitation, and personal care and to cope with other harder to determine losses such as wages, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Our Dallas personal injury attorneys have handled many car accidents, including multi-vehicle car accidents, and we would love to assist you with your case. Our firm is Better Business Accredited, a part of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and has received the prestigious SuperLawyers® title. If you are ready to get down to the bottom of your multi-vehicle crash, give us a call today and we can immediately offer you our trustworthy and efficient services. Contact us now and take steps towards reclaiming your life and livelihood.