Catastrophic Injury Lawyers in Dallas

Certain injury cases have such deadly and terrible consequences that they are termed “catastrophic.” These are the various types of injuries that change the lives of the injured irreversibly. As these damages are so extreme, the claim made on behalf of the injured by a lawyer must reflect the tremendous degree of damage to the victim, and in many cases the families as well. Some catastrophic injuries result in the victim requiring a lifetime of intensive medical care. Other victims may need a long series of reconstructive surgeries or medical equipment in order to stay alive. Any such case requires a skilled and compassionate personal injury lawyer to address the legal aspects of the case. Zinda Law Group PLLC serves the injured and their families in the Dallas area in serious injury claims.

Defending Victims of Catastrophic Injuries

These extreme and devastating injuries create emotional upheaval and despair for the families involved, who are focused on their loved one and how to handle the situation. With the assistance of our firm, a claim will be filed that reflects the true damages faced by the injured and their families. Our legal team is composed of highly dedicated lawyers, with outstanding litigation skills who are prepared to fight relentlessly for fair treatment and compensation for the serious injuries suffered.

Any such case must be addressed legally as quickly as possible after the accident. An attorney from the firm will immediately initiate urgent legal demands to the company or insurer responsible for the claim; in many cases, this could be more than one insurance company, including workers’ compensation. Every possible form of compensation will be fought for aggressively, considering the degree of damage suffered by the victim.

The more permanent a serious injury is, the more emotionally damaging it may become. Suffering amputation or dismemberment is one of the most serious and life altering injuries a person can sustain. Almost always, when a limb or appendage is traumatically detached from the body, it cannot be reattached.

Brain Injury
Science is continually discovering new ways to treat brain injuries. Even with technological and medical advancement, brain injuries are still traumatic and can change the victim's life forever. Brain injuries can be sustained in car accidents, slip and fall accidents, construction accidents, or a variety of other accidents.

Burn Injury
Burn injuries can be the result of many types of accidents, such as electrical accidents, construction accidents, car accidents, or other job-related accidents. Burn injuries are very serious and may cause lasting damage or disfigurement. It is not uncommon for burn injuries to leave lasting scars, so that the victim loses movement, etc.

Electrocution accidents can happen in a variety of ways. Most often, they occur at work when construction employees come in contact with high-tension wires containing live electrical currents. Sometimes, electrocution results in death, other times, electrocution accidents leave the victim with permanent damage.

Scarring & Disfigurement
Many times, catastrophic injuries leave victims with scarring and disfigurement. Although the victim has technically healed, any kind of permanent scaring or disfigurement can easily leave the victim emotionally traumatized or disturbed. Such injures are often life-altering and take a great deal of time to adjust to.

Soft Tissue Injury
Soft tissue injuries can range from minor sprains, to more serious and catastrophic injuries like muscle tearing. Muscle tearing can be a severe injury, especially if the victim's job requires any kind of manual labor. Warehouse workers, athletes – even musicians – are prone to soft tissue injuries because their jobs require manual labor or repetitive movements.

Spinal cord Injury
Spinal cord injuries are commonly the result of motor vehicle accidents and can easily be categorized as catastrophic injuries. Technically, spinal cord injuries occur when the spine is suddenly twisted or experiences direct trauma. Depending on the severity of the injury, the victim may experience partial or complete paralysis.

Compensation for Serious Injuries
A catastrophic injury is a physically or emotional injury that threatens the life of the victim and leaves them with enduring or permanent physical or emotional damage. Catastrophic injuries can be caused by a variety of accidents, such as construction accidents or auto accidents, and may result in burn injuries, brain injuries, or other types of serious injuries. Sometimes, victims may be eligible to receive compensation for their catastrophic injuries.

Present & Future Costs of Catastrophic Injuries

When looking at the cost of a catastrophic injury, most people tend to look at the immediate cost – and for good reason as this can be substantial. The immediate cost, however, is only the tip of the iceberg. While medical costs to deal with immediate treatment can be a significant cost all at once, it is important to realize that a catastrophic injury will likely leave the victim with life-long consequences, including the need for long-term therapy and rehabilitation, as well as less obvious costs, such as a loss of income.

One of the most costly forms of injuries is damage to the spine. According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center (NSCISC), the average cost of suffering a high tetraplegia injury is $985,774 for the first year after the injury and then $171,183 for every single year after that. For someone who was 25 years of age when the injury occurred, this can lead to over $4 million in lifetime costs. That is almost four times the cost of the initial year along – and speaks to the need for a comprehensive compensation amount.

Another thing that can cause a significant amount is losing wages. Say someone who was injured had just got out of medical school and was starting practice as a physician working in an emergency room. This person was looking at an average salary of $192,000 a year. If their injury keeps them from working, they are going to be losing out on a significant amount of money that they otherwise would have been capable of earning. When paired with the cost of the injury, this can be financially debilitating.

For this reason, it is absolutely vital that no time is wasted in getting the involvement of an experienced personal injury lawyer to represent your best interests. You need to take a comprehensive approach to the claim so that you are recovering a just amount – not just the minor amount that the insurance company throws out for a quick settlement. At Zinda Law Group, our personal injury lawyers know what is on the line with injury claims and we know the best ways to protect the rights of our clients.

You can be confident knowing that should you choose to hire our firm, that you will have an advocate on your side who is willing to invest the necessary time and energy into pursuing a just outcome for you. We encourage you to get the involvement of our firm as soon as possible to learn about how we can help. All you need to do is give us a call toll-free at 800-863-5312 or use our online form to message us directly. We look forward to hearing from you.