Paralysis Injury Lawyers in Dallas

Paralysis is the complete or partial loss of muscle function in your body. Paralysis of the lower half of your body is known as "paraplegia," whereas paralysis of the arms and legs is known as "quadriplegia." Other forms of paralysis include "monoplegia," which affects only one limb, "diplegia," which affects both sides of the body on the same region (such as both arms) and "hemiplegia," which only affects one side of the body. Paralysis can be the direct result of a stroke, a spinal cord injury, or a nerve disease. If another person or doctor's negligence caused your paralysis, however, you could file a personal injury claim to receive the compensation and justice you deserve.

Paralysis can be caused by violence, a negligent caretaker, a high-risk surgery or dangerous drug, or by an improperly trained person operating a piece of machinery. Paralysis can happen after a car or truck accident, medical malpractice, or a job incident. When paralysis occurs, an individual and their family is subject to extreme emotional distress, exorbitant hospital and medical fees, and loss of wages.

When you or a loved one has been paralyzed, your life has been forever changed. There is no quick fix solution. While this can leave you feeling helpless, there is one thing you can take charge of: taking legal action. You should not allow the guilty party to get away with the harm and emotional trauma he/she caused. Was your paralysis caused by a medical personnel's negligence? You could press charges against a doctor or hospital if any of the following factors were present:

  • A surgical mistake occured
  • You were not advised about a safer alternative before an operation
  • Your procedure was performed by an inexperienced staff member
  • A medical device was mishandled

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When an individual becomes paralyzed, he has to face other medical problems such as: bedsores, urinary tract infections, and pneumonia. Your mobility and freedom has been permanently taken away, and you feel alone and lost. You deserve compensation for your loss as well as coverage for any future medical and living expenses. After you have been crippled by paralysis, there are many steps you can take to better your life:

  • Receive physical therapy
  • Hire a vocational specialist to see if there are any jobs you can do in your current condition
  • Have an economist calculate your lost earnings
  • Have a life care planner determine if you will need nursing home care and disability accomodation

You should fight to receive better living conditions such as: vans outfitted with equipment, home access ramps, a wheelchair, rehabilitation, and a personal attendant to care for your needs. All of these things are costly and can be impossible unless you receive the compensation that is owed you.

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