Construction Accident Lawyers in Dallas

There are few work environments with the number of hazards faced by construction workers every day. A hard hat and steel-toed boots are not going to protect the worker from some of the daily dangers they confront. Some construction firms are very careful and compliant with the required safety standards, and others are negligent in ensuring that all that should be done to protect the workers is in place.

When injured in such an accident, it is critical to contact an attorney at once. An attorney from Zinda Law Group PLLC will immediately review and evaluate the case; if an independent investigation is necessary, this can be arranged. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries on a construction site, our attorney at the firm is prepared to assist you with the legal claim related to the injuries and other damages. The firm serves the injured in the Dallas area.

Information for Victims of Construction Accidents

Many construction site injuries come about through serious departures from standard safety procedures. Scaffolding falls are one of the more common and often tragic accidents that can forever damage the victim. Traumatic brain injuries and serious spinal injuries are sadly the result in many scaffolding fall or collapse cases. The scaffolding may have been installed by a sub-contractor or through the construction firm in charge of the job.

In other serious workplace injuries, it could be related to electrical accidents, falling objects, trench collapses or equipment failures. Any of these incidents can cause life-threatening or catastrophic injuries to the worker. At our firm, our Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers have long experience in litigation and are prepared to fight aggressively for clients who have been seriously injured in construction accidents and require legal representation to fight for fair and full compensation for the damages suffered in the incident.