How to Negotiate a Dog Bite Claim with Progressive Insurance

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Though we tend to think of dogs as friendly pets, thousands of people suffer serious harm from dog bites each year. These incidents can lead to injuries that take weeks or months of treatment or therapy, leading to expensive medical bills, and many people are forced to deal with physical and emotional scars that will never go away.

If the dog’s owner or other responsible party is covered by Progressive Insurance, you may be able to recover the compensation you deserve from the insurer. A dog bite claim against Progressive will be handled similarly to other personal injury claims. Progressive’s website says that they “cover the cost of medical care, usually up to $300,000” if a customer’s dog bites someone. However, they will rarely offer you that amount during negotiations.

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Progressive Will Act Like a Business

Like all businesses, Progressive is focused on making money. Their claims adjusters will act with this goal in mind.

The adjuster assigned to your case will work hard to give you the smallest settlement possible. As noted above, they will rarely offer you full compensation. Instead, they may attempt to offer you a quick settlement, at a steeply discounted rate, claiming that putting the money in your pocket sooner is preferable to giving you everything you deserve.

Expect Back-and-Forth Negotiation

Your first demand for compensation will almost always be rejected.  Then Progressive will present you with a dramatically lower counteroffer. Don’t let this surprise you or make you think that that’s all your injuries are worth. 

The adjuster just wants to know how much fight you have. Show them you know what you’re doing, and are ready to go the distance, by asking them to justify their offer. As you continue in negotiations, remain confident. Continue to refer to the dog bite as an “attack” even when the adjuster calls it an “incident” or an “accident.”  If you believe your claim is valid, be respectful, but don’t roll over.

Progressive Will Continue to Undervalue Your Claim

As you continue the back and forth with Progressive, they will likely continue to offer you less than you believe your claim is worth.  You may reach the point where they decide to give a final “take it or leave it” offer. At this point, you should decide whether you are ready to accept their settlement, or whether you want to go to court. If you are unsure, you should consult with an experienced dog bite attorney who will help you review the facts of your case and make the best possible decision.

Progressive May Attempt to Discourage You from Legal Counsel

Don’t be intimidated.  The adjuster will likely try to persuade you to settle for less than your case is worth by insisting that the time and expense of hiring an attorney simply aren’t worth it.  He or she might imply that hiring a lawyer will prevent you from getting your money in a prompt manner. Remember, deciding to hire an attorney and file a lawsuit is a personal decision; do your research, don’t take the adjuster’s claims as true, and make an informed decision moving forward.

Negotiating a dog bite claim with Progressive can be difficult.  However, knowing what to expect, and preparing yourself by researching the facts of your case can give you the confidence you need to begin negotiating your rightful settlement.

Our Dallas Dog Bite Lawyers Can Help

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