First Party Insurance Claims FAQ

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If you are a Dallas insurance holder, then you might have some questions about your insurance. Though the majority of insurance holders never have to worry about whether their policy will be honored, some will inevitably run into tremendous trouble. Here are some frequently asked questions that Dallas insurance holders must keep in mind.

What is a first party insurance claim?

A first party claim is one made by the policy holder to take advantage of one or more of the protections offered in that policy. This can be contrasted with a third party insurance claim, which involves a non-party to the contract taking advantage of the policy’s provisions. First party insurance claims are much more common, and they make up the bulk of insurance disputes.

What is an example of a first party insurance claim?

There are many examples of first party insurance claims that you could easily imagine. Think about a person who holds a business insurance policy. That policy covers the business’s building, and that building burns down in an awful accident. With a first party insurance claim, the policy holder would file a report directly with the insurance provider. The company would then evaluate the merits of the claim and, if necessary, pay out the policy’s proceeds.

How can first party insurance claims go wrong?

If you have ever dealt with insurance companies, then you know that some are honest while others can prove to be a problem. First party insurance claims can go wrong when insurance companies refuse to honor the policy. In some cases, the insurance company might delay in paying out the claim. This is a violation of Texas state law, and it can lead to compensation for policy holders. In other cases, insurance providers will operate in bad faith by claiming that the policy holder committed some sort of fraud. This can be very frustrating, and policy holders should seek out the attorneys at Zinda Law Group to learn their options.

How can a lawyer help with first party insurance claims?

A good attorney make sure that you file your claim within the allotted time frame and within the rules of your contract. If and when your insurance company refuses to play by the rules, a good lawyer can help you by filing a lawsuit in the relevant civil court. This is important for the purposes of putting pressure on the insurance provider. In addition, a good lawyer can take the matter all the way to trial if the insurance provider fails to settle the case.

If you run into problems with your first party insurance claim, a good lawyer is an absolute must. The Dallas Personal Injury attorneys at Zinda Law Group help people in your position all the time, and they can help you understand your options. Often times, it only take a little bit of pressure to make the insurance provider act reasonably. With the help of a good attorney, you should have no trouble getting the fair proceeds that you deserve.