How To Negotiate An Injury Claim With Germania Insurance

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Germania Insurance was formed in 1896 in Perry, Texas, with just 31 members. Today, it claims it is the largest farm mutual insurance company in Texas. It offers a variety of insurance products for Texans, including automobile insurance, property insurance, and liability insurance. If you live in Texas, you may know someone who is insured by Germania Insurance. Similarly, if you are injured while on the property of another while in Texas, Germania’s presence in the state means you may need to file a claim with Germania Insurance.

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How to File a Claim with Germania Insurance

After being injured in a personal injury incident, you may need to file a claim with the at-fault party’s liability insurance company. This may be Germania or some other company. Germania, like other insurance companies, will assign your claim to an adjuster for evaluation. Your adjuster will conduct an investigation into the facts of your claim and offer you a settlement. Germania, like most insurance companies, has relatively standard amounts it offers for various types of injuries. These amounts are typically less than what is necessary to compensate you fully for your injuries and losses.

You may be able to negotiate a settlement with your Germania Insurance adjuster if the amount he or she offers is too low to fully compensate you. You can increase your chances of successfully negotiating a settlement on your terms if you:

1. Know the value of your claim in advance. As much as possible, attempt to have a settlement number in mind before you begin negotiating with the adjuster. The number you come up with should be enough to compensate you for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses you experienced and are likely to experience. Some of these amounts may need to be estimates; it is important that you can justify or explain the amounts you assign for each of your losses.

2. Know your initial settlement offer will be rejected. In all likelihood, your initial settlement offer will be rejected. The adjuster is most likely wanting to see if you are truly willing to negotiate back and forth. To do this, the adjuster will likely counter your settlement offer with an offer that is low–perhaps substantially lower–than what you need to meet all your expenses and losses. Stand firm: you can ask the adjuster to justify his or her numbers.

3. Know important details about your claim. While the adjuster may know certain details about your claim, such as the type of injury you suffered, he or she may be ignorant of other important details. These details may be important and helpful to your case if a lawsuit becomes necessary. As a result, they can make your Germania adjuster more likely to settle your case. Details about the pain you suffered, how your injury impacted your ability to interact with your family or be a parent, any lingering effects from the incident, or how much fault is attributable to the other party that caused your injuries can all be useful in negotiating a higher settlement.

4. Know when you need help. Very few people have the tenacity and skills to be expert negotiators. If you begin to feel intimidated or do not know whether to settle or continue negotiating, it may be time to consult with a personal injury attorney. Your attorney can help evaluate your claim, giving you an idea of what compensation you might reasonably expect to recover.

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