Trip & Fall Lawyers in Dallas

Trip and fall injuries can be caused by the property negligence of others. When an individual has a trip and fall injury accident, it is often due to the hazards which are present on the premises. An example of a trip and fall scenario could be that a private individual pays for construction and it is not done properly, resulting in some sort of obstacle or protrusion which creates a walking hazard. In a case like this, someone may trip and fall, and it the construction company is likely liable. It may be necessary to provide proof to the insurance company that the trip and fall was a result of negligence or a defect. In a situation such as this it is critical to seek help from a qualified attorney for your premises liability case. If you are located in Dallas and would like your trip and fall case reviewed, contact an attorney from Zinda Law Group PLLC without delay.

The Importance of Evidence

In a trip and fall case it can be extremely important to provide evidence of the defective or negligent quality of the property immediately. If you do not, it could be remedied by the property owner possibly in an attempt to deter a case. Insurance companies can be hard to deal with and may try aggressively to limit or stop compensation altogether. It is strongly advised that anyone who believes they may be a victim of a trip and fall to seek the outstanding legal counsel of our attorney at the firm. We will utilize the full advantage of our knowledge and experience in any trip and fall case or claim taken on.

Many elderly individuals suffer serious injuries in trip and fall cases, resulting in broken hips and other fractures. This is also the case for younger individuals when a serious trip and fall accident occurs. Crossing streets with potholes, uneven sidewalks, walking surfaces that are not cleared and made safe for visitors to the property are all dangerous situations. Any property owner who provides unsafe and dangerous walking areas is negligent, and a claim can be made against them, depending upon the circumstances and evidence involved. Our Personal Injury Attorneys of Dallas will fight aggressively for fair compensation.