Product Defect Liability Lawyers in Dallas

When living in the USA, there are standards of safety that must be complied with by manufacturers, whether the product is a toy, tires, equipment or other product. When purchasing commercial products it is assumed that the product will be safe and can be used without danger. When a product defect causes injury or death, the legal aspects of the case must be addressed at once by an attorney.

When the product is a safety system on a vehicle, this can be particularly frightening, as failing brakes, accelerator, seat belts, tires, airbags or other safety feature that is supposed to protect you now becomes the cause of serious or deadly car accidents. If the product is a toy that young children use that then endangers or causes the death of a child, the degree of tragedy and devastation to the families involved is unimaginable. Product liability cases in Dallas are represented by the knowledgeable and aggressive lawyer from the firm.

Product Liability

Legally, when a product is faulty or defective, the manufacturer and possibly the distributor are most likely going to be part of the claim made on behalf of the injured. Our attorneys are prepared to evaluate the situation and advise you of what to expect and how to move forward legally. These cases can proceed as far as a court battle in some cases, as manufacturers have been known to suppress information related to the safety of their product in some tragic cases, in order to reduce the claims made against them. This activity is usually supported by top-notch lawyers who will fight the claim.

When confronted with the claim filed by Zinda Law Group PLLC, however, it becomes more likely that the opponent will settle prior to a court battle. Either way, we are prepared. You can be assured that your best interests will be faithfully protected by our legal team. You can trust that the case will be fought aggressively with unflagging determination to get fair and full compensation for damages. It is critical to move quickly before any evidence is destroyed in the case, so don't waste another moment - if you are facing something such as a DePuy hip recall lawsuit, please contact our firm today to speak with a Personal Injury Attorney.