Defective Car Parts Lawyers in Dallas

In 2009, five and a half million car accidents occurred in the United States, with 28% resulting in injuries. When defective car parts- from brakes to air bags to gas pedals- are installed in a car, the results can be catastrophic for passengers. When this scenario occurs and you get involved in a crash where you sustain injuries, you could hold the manufacturer or dealership that sold you the car liable.

Other defective car parts can include poor seat design, failure of a seatback, child safety seat failure, inadequate windshield strength, ignition, brake shift interlock, seatbelts, electronic stability control devices, gas tanks and door latches. Defective tires also result in several car accidents annually. Likewise, when a car is prone to occupant ejections, roof crush accidents or roll-overs, there is a good chance that this is due to a defective car part or that the car was designed and marketed despite lack of vehicle stability. Examples of recent recalls that have involved car parts include:

  • Accelerators that can become stuck
  • Faulty window switches that could cause fire if exposed to water

Seatbelt Defects

In some crashes, occupants are ejected from the vehicle, even when their seatbelt was latched. Often this is due to a failure of design, production or installation. At other times the webbing of a seat belt can become frayed after an accident- or seat belt mounts to the floor can become loose after an accident. Seat belt defects can lead to spinal cord or internal injuries or worse, can result in death. Questions to ask include:

  • Did your seatbelt snap?
  • Did your seatbelt neglect to tighten upon impact?
  • Did the buckle fail to hold the seatbelt in place?

Defective Car Door Latches

In order to win a claim involving a defective car door latch, you must show that the latch cannot remain secured during a collision, that it fails to meet common safety standards set by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, that this malfunction is due to a faulty or insufficient latch and that you or your loved one suffered severe injuries or death as a result of the defect.

Defective Side Rails, Roll Bars and Support Pillars

If a designer fails to provide side rails, roll bars and support pillars- rollover crashes can result in paralysis, spinal injury, brain injury, or in some cases, death. Roof crush injuries from rollovers lead to nearly 600 deaths a year.

Prevent accidents by maintaining your car!

One way to discourage a car accident from occurring is to regularly check your various car parts. Brakes, for example, are imperative to examine and maintain: if your brakes are making noise, if your pedal is too low to the floor, or if your pedal pulsates or feels soft when you step on it, or if the brakes pull to one side- you should take your car in for maintenance. Other car parts that should be examined include your wipers, lights and steering wheel. You should replace your wipers once a year and regularly make sure your brake lights and turn signals are functioning properly. Also, if your steering wheel feels loose, "wanders" or pulls to one side, you should have it inspected.

Car Manufacturers' Responsibilities

Car manufacturers have a duty of care to protect consumers and make cars that are safe and "crashworthy." Besides being awarded compensatory damages, there is a chance that a successful auto accident lawsuit could result in you receiving punitive damages as well. Normally in an auto accident claim involving defective parts, it just needs to be shown that the defective part was "unreasonably dangerous," that the vehicle was being operated as intended, and that the vehicle performance has remained constant since the initial purchase.

Unless your particular vehicle has been recalled, it can be very difficult to prove that defective car parts caused your auto accident without a Personal Injury Attorney. Normally, a manufacturer will claim that the "faulty performance of a vehicle was due to the owner operation or failure to care for the vehicle." Because making a defective auto parts claim can be quite complex and because going up against a large manufacturer can be intimidating, you should secure aggressive legal assistance on your side: give Zinda Law Group a call today!