School Fraud Lawyers in Dallas

One hopes to get the education that will lead to an exceptional, high-paying job with room for advancement. Unfortunately, some schools make claims that are untrue. In these situations, individuals who pay for their education based on the promises or claims made by the school are in the position of dealing with the repercussions of paying for services that were not delivered.

For example, should a school promise you "placement" after your training, and then at the end of your training, hand you a list of places to try to get a job, this would likely be a violation of the law. Any false claims made by schools need to be addressed quickly, as there are many victims of this unethical practice. With the assistance of a lawyer from the firm, your specific situation can be reviewed and evaluated with regard to a legal claim for damages.

Student Rights

Whether the school is located in Dallas, or the surrounding area, you have the right as a student to be provided with correct information about the school you attend. Some of these enterprises have had students that found when they tried to transfer their credits that the school they had attended had falsely represented their qualifications and their earlier study was not of value in their new school. This creates a serious problem for the student in question, not to mention the financial losses they suffered when falsely promised a certain type of educational program.

We at Zinda Law Group PLLC take these cases personally. Those who wish to improve themselves and attend school should have the right to the education they paid for, and when these rights are violated, our Dallas Personal Injury Attorneys are willing to fight. Our approach is aggressive and determined, and a claim can be made for clients who have been the victim of any school or training program that promised results that were untrue, fraudulent or misleading.