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One journalist once wrote about school fraud, "Some scam schools are designed solely to amass tuition monies, federal grants, and student loans. They hire dozens of recruiters-who often outnumber the teachers-to entice naïve students with false promises, professional-looking facilities, and pay-later schemes. Then they don't deliver."

In the words of one woman who was the victim of a fraudulent nine-month "accredited" program, "They promised up-to-date equipment and training. They promised qualified instructors, small class sizes, and that they would help place us in a job." In 1995, this "program" was sued by twenty-four current and former students.

When you pursue an education, you expect to receive a degree that will help advance your career and improve your future- you do not expect to be swindled and left worse off. Yet this is the sad reality for victims of school fraud.

Watch out for trade schools!

How do you know if you have been taken advantage of? Many times trade schools will charge students thousands of dollars but not provide them with quality education or get them plugged into a field successfully afterwards. Sometimes these schools claim that they will be accredited soon or that they are already accredited when they are not.

With 77% of adults over 25 without a bachelor's degree, trade schools have an enticing appeal. According to one private consulting firm, 1.2 million adults a year are receiving training from trade schools. And according to statistics, seventy-six percent of student loan defaulters are trade school attendees/graduates. In 1993 however, the U.S. Department refused federal student-aid programs to 700 trade schools because of "fraud, failure to administer programs properly, and loss of accreditation."


A student can be misled about the demand to get into a school, resources he/she will receive at a school, the hands-on experiences he/she will be able to have in a program, job placement after graduation or his/her earning ability after graduation.

Other fraudulent claims include: being told credits would transfer when they would not or encouragement to fraudulently complete student financial aid forms. When any of these legal violations occur, an individual is no longer just a normal, enrolled student but a victim of school fraud.

Victims' futures can be seriously harmed if their schools have no placement service and the field they studied in has few openings. Not only can individuals lose thousands of dollars in the event of school fraud, they can lose the chance of pursuing a brighter future.

A substandard education can bar you from pursuing the career you always dreamed of and reap negative financial and emotional repercussions for years to come. One woman who was plunged into debt after attending a fraudulent school recalls having to go without a car because she couldn't qualify for a loan and being told when she tried to rent a saxophone for her daughter that they wouldn't even rent her a toothpick. Common fraudulent school "red flags" include:

  • Promising a degree in an extremely short time
  • Offering a degree for life or work experiences
  • An "accredited" website without an .edu suffix
  • Negative reports at the Better Business Bureau
  • Less strict fraud laws and higher education regulations within a region
  • E-mails from overseas schools
  • Tuition paid on a per-degree basis
  • Missing school address and phone information
  • Unprofessional websites
  • A long list of degrees or majors offered by a small school
  • Identified on a scam schools list
  • Little to none interaction with a professor
  • Lack of reputation, not listed on the Council on Higher Education Accreditation's website

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