Worker’s Compensation Lawyers in Dallas

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If you have been involved in a workplace accident or have suffered injury from consistent exposure to unfavorable conditions on the job, you could very well be covered under workers’ compensation benefits. Simply speaking, this is a type of coverage that will afford you medical benefits and coverage after forfeiting the common law right to sue your employer for damages. This is a way to ensure that every employee who has been injured, regardless of fault, will be able to receive the treatment and rehabilitation that they deserve – this can also sometimes extend to family members of the worker.

There are many different acts and federal laws provided to extend the protected granted to workers. The law can be favorable to the worker and works to protect their rights. Some of the examples of legislation drafted to help protect injured workers are the following:

  • The Jones Act – This was created in an attempt to protect seamen who have been injured by employer negligence while on a U.S.-flagged vessel.
  • The Federal Employment Liability Act – This act, also referred to as FELA, protects employees of the railroad.
  • The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act – This outlines workers’ compensation benefits that are owed to maritime employees.
  • The Black Lungs Benefits Act – This is one of the most specific acts as it goes to protect miners who have suffered from pneumoconiosis, also known as “black lung” disease.

Injured on the job?

While many employers will push an injured employee to file through them, it is usually not to the advantage of the worker. By consulting with a knowledgeable attorney, the injured will be able to evaluate their case and determine the best way in which to file. Even though this is a no-fault type of coverage, it is still important to realize that many initial filings will be denied. To give yourself the best possible chance of success, contact a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible.

At Zinda Law Group PLLC, we recognize the importance of providing our clients with compassionate and supportive guidance when it is needed most. No matter whether you have suffered a serious injury from a construction accident or if you have been victim of a repetitive stress injury, such as carpal tunnel, from constant exposure to certain conditions at work. You can trust that should you choose to work with us that your best interests will always protected as our Personal Injury Attorneys help you through the process.