Tow Truck Accident

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There are many issues to delve into when you’re talking about tow truck accidents. The primary area of concern is if a tow truck actually caused the accident you were involved in. If so, you could seek out compensation for medical expenses, car repairs and loss wages from the driver and the tow truck company. This is an area where retaining the services an experienced personal injury lawyer would be a huge benefit. The moment you seek a claim from a company you’ll be squaring off against an insurance company. This is not a fight you should take on by yourself.

Suppose you were in a minor accident and a tow truck happens to arrive upon the scene. Does this mean you are obligated to use that tow truck to remove your vehicle? Technically, no. In fact, unless the police ask you to move your car you can keep it right where it is until you’re ready to move the car. At the very least, you should be able to pick your own tow company. Don’t be pressured. The police aren’t going mind if you call a car service like AAA. You can tell that other tow company, “Thanks but no thanks.”

If your car needs to be towed from the scene of an accident, you should opt to have it delivered to your driveway or to a trusted mechanic. Having the car dropped off at your home will allow you to make a thorough inspection of all the damage away from the stress of the accident scene. The moment your car is taken to a garage you could be charged a storage fee. This goes back to that issue of using a tow truck operator that you trust. The worst place for your car would be the city’s impound lot. You’re absolutely going to be charged every day for storage at those facilities. Keep in mind, that if you have any unpaid tickets you’ll probably have to settle those before you can get your car released.

There might be an incident where your car was towed because it was illegally parked. Putting aside the issue of whether or not that is true, you still need to deal with any potential damage to your car. Before a car is towed, it is the responsibility of the tow company to make an inspection of the vehicle and note down any damage. Just because the tow company made that inspection doesn’t mean they would be off the hook for any damage. Before you leave the lot with your car, do your own inspection and compare it with what the tow company wrote down. If there are added scratches or dents then you need to make someone aware of that right away. The moment you drive off the lot, the tow company can claim they weren’t responsible.

You also have to be on the lookout for proper towing procedures. For instance, most all-wheel drive cars can only be towed on a flatbed truck. If they are towed with a lift hook it could damage the suspension. An experienced tow operator will know this. They should also take note of the method of the tow. Clearly, you can see the many factors that can occur under the category of “tow truck accident.” Don’t try to settle these matters yourself. Let your experienced personal injury lawyer step in to make the claims.