Discrimination Lawyers in Dallas

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As an employee, you have rights that protect you from discrimination. These laws are called “Title VII” – referring to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This law protects you from discrimination based on gender, race, religion or national origin. You are also protected from discrimination based on associations with any person of a different race, religion, national origin or gender. There are, however, still employers who discriminate, and when they do, they are in violation of federal law. In such cases, it becomes an urgent matter to contact Zinda Law Group PLLC once. Our legal team takes these matters personally and will fight relentlessly for your rights in discrimination claims.

Discrimination in the Workplace

In some cases, an employee has reported legal violations and has become a “whistle blower.” The employer then may take great efforts to get rid of the employee who reported the situation at the company. Others suffer from sexual harassment in the workplace, which is distressing and illegal. There is no reason that an employee must suffer at work based on their gender or race, or have to put up with lack of advancement due to any factor other than their ability and qualifications to do their job.

Unfortunately, there are still employers who do not comply with Title VII, and choose to use suppressive tactics with regard to certain employees. You have a right to protection under the law, and our Personal Injury attorney is prepared to fight relentlessly on behalf of any client that has had to deal with this situation. Even though these cases may be frightening, particularly when you are still working for the firm, it is only right that the case is fought and your rights protected. Our attorneys are prepared to fight aggressively for any client who is facing this disturbing situation. You are not only fighting for yourself, but for future employees of the firm. Contact the firm and protect your rights as an employee in seeking a claim for compensation for the damages you have suffered due to the abuse of Title VII.