Electrocution Lawyers in Dallas

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Protecting Victims of Electrical Accidents

Electrocution accidents often occur on the jobsite, whether through contact with high-tension wires, in contacting live electrical currents while on a construction site or when another type of industrial accident occurs. The heat generated in the body when electricity pulses through the tissue results in an electrocution death. These tragic cases are often wrongful death cases, as upon looking into the safety standards used on the jobsite, it is often determined that they were seriously violated, resulting in the loss of a loved family member. In such a case, it is critical that you contact a legal professional to advise you regarding the claim for damages that must be filed on behalf of the remaining family. The firm serves Dallas and surrounding areas.

OSHA reports that these injuries are more common than one may suspect, and almost always are related to negligent safety standards being employed by the construction company, contractor, architectural firm or developer involved in the project. Never proceed with a claim without first enlisting the assistance of the firm. The firm is prepared to aggressively fight on behalf of the families who have suffered this tragic and terrible loss.

At our firm, we have turned our attention and skill to protecting the injured in personal injury and wrongful death claims. Extensive experience in litigating difficult cases has resulted in a powerful ability to help victims of tragic and deadly accidents in recovering fair and full compensation for damages. Your case must be evaluated to determine how to move forward legally – it is important to move fast as there are restrictions regarding the window of time in which to file such cases, and what family members have the right to do so under the law. You can be assured that your Personal Injury attorney will be fighting aggressively on your behalf and will treat you and your family with the utmost respect and concern.