Non-Subscriber Employment Injury Lawyers

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Texas law provides employers with the possibility of being a “non-subscriber” to workers’ compensation. Many employers opt out of workers’ comp system as it can be very expensive and they prefer to utilize other methods of providing their workers with a safe environment. Unfortunately, some employers not only opt out of workers’ comp, they also do not comply with the required safety standards that would provide a less hazardous work situation.

When one has been injured on the job and their employer is a non-subscriber, it is crucial that they contact an attorney as soon as possible. At Zinda Law Group PLLC, we are very familiar with dealing with such injury cases and will fight aggressively on behalf of the injured worker.

Injured at work, but have a non-subscriber employer?

There have been cases in the past in which injured workers were fired or suffered other consequences after an injury accident. Many employers are responsible and recognize their liability when their employee is injured on the job, but others are just trying to cut corners and avoid paying claims. In either case, it is vital that you have legal representation to fight for fair compensation in any injury accident that occurs while at work.

Approximately 44% of all Texas employers are non-subscribers, and our state is the only state in the union with this option. For the injured employee, this creates a specific set of problems that must be addressed when making a claim for damages in an injury case. It is strongly advised that you contact our firm to determine how to move forward with your claim. Our skilled and knowledgeable Personal Injury attorneys will review and evaluate your situation and advise you how to move forward in making your claim. We treat our clients with the utmost respect, and are dedicated to fighting for maximum compensation.