Oil Rig Injury Lawyers in Dallas

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Oil rig workers have one of the most dangerous occupations in the country as the risks involved in operating an oil rig are countless. Oil rig accidents unfortunately are far too common in our area, causing tragic results in many cases. Due to the hazards of working on an oil rig, most oil rig workers are paid good wages due to in part to the danger involved. The demand for oil rig workers is growing and due to the chaotic and potentially dangerous environment there is a shortage of workers, and safety training and standards can become deficient.

Oil rig injuries can be the result of a worker or employer negligence; it can also be due to equipment malfunction and other causes. As oil rig operators are dealing with hazardous materials, harm can arise from exposure to these substances. Workers’ compensation may not provide the amount of money adequate for oil rig workers and their families in a time of hardship. Due to the complex nature of the case, any such case requires the skilled assistance of an attorney from the firm.

Workplace Accidents on Oil Rig Sites

Accidents on oil rigs can be life-threatening; an absent-minded or incautious employer, foreman or other employee, or substandard safety measures on the rig can mean a devastating accident or even multiple fatalities. Off-shore platforms can lay one open to a host of hazards including explosions and fires. Different laws may apply depending on the type of rig and where it is located, whether taking place in Dallas or in any of the surrounding areas. When there is an accident on an oil rig, devastation and fatal injuries are unfortunately often the result, and strong legal representation is critical.

If you have suffered from an oil rig related injury, you require legal counsel who will not be intimidated by large oil and gas companies and the lawyers they enlist to fight to reduce claims. At Zinda Law Group PLLC, we fight tirelessly to bring justice, always seeking maximum compensation in the claim for damages for the injured in all oil rig injury cases. Contact our office today and discuss your case with a Dallas Personal Injury Attorney.