Dangerous Intersections Accident Lawyers in Dallas

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Dallas is a big city, and everyone knows that big-city traffic can often cause problems for commuters. Rather than your typical traffic jam, dangerous intersections in the greater Dallas area can be a cause for serious harm. Data from 2008 shows that there were more than 19,000 car crashes that year in Dallas alone, 142 of which were fatal. There are a number of dangerous intersections that are more prone to accidents than others. Major intersections in Dallas include multiple lanes, and these high-traffic areas often cause frustration to drivers. Sometimes when drivers get frustrated that they have to wait at these major intersections, they will run red lights. Running red lights is a major contributing factor in what constitutes a dangerous intersection.

The city of Dallas contains one of the top 10 most dangerous intersections in the United States, rated by State Farm insurance company. This is the TX-121 & Preston Road intersection. In order to try and cut back on the number of accidents seen here, the city has installed red light cameras. While this does result in more tickets, the number of people getting into car accidents at this intersection has not necessarily decreased. There are many other intersections in Dallas that are dangerous. In fact, any intersection can be dangerous when there are negligent drivers on them. If you were injured in an accident on a Dallas road or highway, be sure to get in touch with an experienced Dallas car accident attorney from Zinda Law Group.

Legal Support for Your Dallas Auto Accident

Zinda Law Group knows car accidents. If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident, let our Dallas car accident lawyers help you get the compensation that you both need and deserve. Many people are unsure whether or not their car accident can qualify them for a personal injury claim. If you were injured in any way in an auto accident that was not your fault, you can file a claim with the help of a car injury lawyer from our firm. You can get compensation to pay for your injuries that is much needed. Even if you were partially at fault for the accident, you are still entitled to some compensation.

Our Dallas car accident attorneys are interested in speaking with you so that we can better understand where you are coming from and the particulars of your case. No two car accidents are the same, so by evaluating your case, we can figure out how best to help you so that we can make a successful recovery on your behalf. For more information on how our Dallas personal injury attorneys are here to help you, call us today or fill out one of our case evaluation forms.