Dentist Performs Procedures on Minor Patient without Consent

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Eight year old Anthony Villareal went to a new dentist after his previous dentist had told his parents that he had a cavity. The new dentist works at South Texas Dental at the Fort Worth location. The family had to change dentists because the father had switched jobs and his new insurance hadn’t kicked in yet, and their old dentist didn’t accept CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program). The new dentist told Mrs. Villareal that her son had 2 cavities and would require sealant on two teeth. She signed the forms for this procedure.

The dentist did not allow Mrs. Villareal to be in the room with her son during the procedure. When she picked her son up, however, a different procedure had been done. The dentist had drilled 4 of Anthony’s teeth, two of which he did without anesthetic. He had to be held down during the operation because he was “very uncooperative.” Anthony’s face was severely bruised; his mother likened it to being punched in the jaw.

Mrs. Villareal took her child to see their previous dentist, who said it appeared as if the other dentist had put in an intra-oral device, and the bruising may have come from pressure from the inside of his mouth.

The dentist certainly broke procedure, as all dental work on minors must first have a consent form signed by a parent. The supervisor of Fort Worth’s South Texas Dental said that an investigation is pending.

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