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Although dog bites may not seem to happen with regularity, when they do happen they can have traumatic and devastating results for the victim.

Many are familiar with large dog breeds that have a reputation for aggressive behavior – pit bulls, Rottweilers, and German shepherds, for instance – but the truth is that any dog can bite a human and cause injury to that person. Additionally, a dog that you know is just as capable of biting you as a strange dog roaming your neighborhood.

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Why Should I File a Dog Bite Report?

Some may question the purpose of filing a dog bite report, especially if you have provided a report to medical personnel. Although medical personnel are required to report dog bite incidents when someone receives treatment for a bite injury, this may not always happen. Dog bite reports provide important benefits not only to the community but also to you in the event you decide to file a dog bite lawsuit. These benefits include:

  • Making public officials aware of a dangerous dog: Animal control departments are not well staffed and do not have the resources to patrol the streets looking for dangerous dogs. Your report will make animal control authorities aware that a dangerous dog exists and where this dog was last seen. Neighbors may appreciate the fact that you alerted authorities (who then alerted them) to a dangerous dog in the area.
  • Learning what witnesses and the dog owner have to say about the incident: A dog owner may be unwilling to speak with you about the incident, but the owner must usually speak with animal control officers. The owner’s version of events and the statements of any witnesses will usually be contained in the dog bite report. Reviewing these statements can help you and your attorney decide whether to file a lawsuit against the owner.
  • Learning the dog’s history of aggression: Most dog bite reports will also indicate whether the dog has had a history of biting or demonstrating aggression toward others. This is very useful information in the event you want to file a lawsuit.

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Helpful Tips

Steps to reporting a dog bite incident in Denver:

1. Obtain prompt medical treatment for your injuries

  • If the dog that bit you had rabies, or if you are unsure, treatment must begin as soon as possible

2. Take photographs of your injuries or ask the medical provider to take photographs and make them part of your medical record

  • These can be very important if you choose to file a dog bite lawsuit against the dog’s owner

3. Promptly report the dog bite or attack to local authorities so that an incident report can be prepared by the proper authorities

  • If you were bit within the city limits of Denver or within the county, you should report the bite incident to the Denver Division of Animal Control
  • Your dog bite report should be filed in the county where the bite occurred, not where you live

4. Contact a dog injury attorney

  • The dog bite attorneys at Zinda Law Group of Denver are here to assist you in protecting your legal rights and seeking compensation after a dog bite incident.