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Based on favorable customer satisfaction reviews for State Farm Insurance, it may seem like people have a positive experience in filing a claim and being paid on that claim after an automobile accident.

In terms of settling a claim for compensation after a Denver car accident, this is good news for you: State Farm may be more interested in good publicity than in making a quick buck. However, State Farm will most likely attempt to settle your car accident claim for as little as possible. State Farm Insurance cannot remain profitable if it pays out more in claims than it takes in through premium payments.

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How Is a Claim Evaluated?

It is widely known that insurance companies have programs, books, and other resources available that help them construct a settlement offer for your claim. These resources assign standardized values to the component parts of your claim.

For example, there is a standard amount offered for a broken bone, for a damaged fender, and for nonspecific back pain. Unfortunately, these amounts may not correspond to your actual expenses and losses.

You may find it necessary to negotiate a better settlement with your State Farm claim adjuster. If you attempt to do this, the following tips can help you in securing the settlement you need.

Know the Amount You Actually Need.

This may seem like common sense, but it is hard to negotiate a settlement that is favorable to you if you do not know what you actually need. It is important that you get reasonable estimates for repairs to your car and get the medical treatment you reasonably need.

Knowing these amounts can help in seeking and justifying a higher settlement amount, as well as make it harder for the adjuster to offer a low and unreasonable settlement. For example, it will be difficult for your adjuster to insist on paying you $2,000 for a broken hand when your doctor needed to perform $5,000 worth of treatment. While you should never go overboard or grossly exaggerate your expenses, you should not be ashamed to ask for the compensation you need.

Keep Your Story Straight.

Your adjuster may question you at length about the car accident. They will likely ask you how it happened and who was at fault. Despite being sure of the details at first, some people may begin to doubt themselves under the pressure of intense questioning, stating that the accident might have been their fault or they weren’t really sure of what happened. This puts you in a bad negotiating position.

As soon as possible after your car accident, be sure to write down the important details so you can refer to them later. This will help you keep the details of your accident consistent throughout the claims process and will help you resist settling your claim for less.

Be Reasonable but Firm.

Negotiation is an art form, wherein both parties attempt to leave with something they want. You want compensation for your injuries; your adjuster wants to pay as little as possible. You should have in mind a minimum amount of compensation you are willing to take, and be firm.

If the adjuster does not offer your minimum amount, consider carefully whether to accept such an offer or whether you want to pursue other avenues, like a lawsuit. A lawsuit may eventually net you more money, but it may take more time to get the compensation.

Get Help from Experienced Car Accident Lawyers

At Zinda Law Group, our Denver car accident attorneys have helped many injury victims deal with insurance companies like State Farm following an automobile crash, and we will help you do the same. Where a settlement is in your best interest, we will fight to get you the most favorable terms possible. Where a settlement is not in your best interest, we can help you try to obtain compensation through other means.

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