What Does a Personal Injury Attorney Need to Start My Case? | Denver Injury Lawyers

Personal injury cases in Denver need three key components to succeed:

  • Liability -- There must be someone responsible for your personal injury.
  • Damages -- The personal injuries and associated medical bills that you were forced to endure.
  • Source of Recovery -- The insurance that can be used to pay for your damages.

Gathering information for these three things along with associated documents are essential to start your case.

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Proving Liability

Your attorney’s job will be to prove that someone else caused the injuries you have suffered. If you remember the names or contact information for anyone that witnessed your injury happen, give those details to your injury lawyer. Witnesses can often go a long way in proving your side of the case.

Moreover, any photographs you may have taken of the scene of your injury will assist your attorney in proving liability. This can include photographs of any vehicles involved in a car wreck, of the floor where you slipped and fell, or of any equipment that harmed you at work.

Establishing Damages

A big part of your case is the medical bills for your injury. You should always provide your injury attorney with any receipts, records, or bills from medical treatment that you received for your injuries.

Additionally, your injury lawyer will need you to sign a medical authorization form in order to get future records and bills directly from any medical provider.

Finally, if you have health insurance, you should allow your attorney to make copies of your health insurance card.

Finding a Source of Recovery

To help you recover, a personal injury attorney needs to identify a type of insurance to cover your losses.

For example, if you are hurt in a car accident, you may have the ability to recover from the other driver’s car insurance or your own. If you have car insurance, your attorney will need a copy of your policy or at least a copy of the declaration page. Your attorney will also need the insurance company and policy number of the other driver’s car insurance, if you have that information.

For another type of injury, any information about the person or business that harmed you is greatly helpful.

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