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Misconceptions and stereotypes about personal injury lawyers prevent an astonishingly large number of injury victims in Denver from obtaining legal representation. Some feel that a personal injury attorney is only there to line his or her own pockets at the expense of the client; others believe that a personal injury attorney does not possess any skills or experience beyond an average person’s capabilities.

Many of these misconceptions are fed by a lack of understanding of what exactly a personal injury attorney does and how such an attorney’s involvement in a case can impact the ultimate resolution of that claim.

Denver Personal Injury Lawyers Investigate the Facts of Your Case

Among the primary functions a personal injury attorney will undertake on your behalf is to conduct an investigation into the facts and circumstances of your accident, as well as to ascertain what legal rights you possess and what remedies are available to you.

You are not entitled to compensation merely because you believe another person acted unreasonably and thereby caused your injuries; you must be able to back these beliefs and assertions up with evidence and the testimony of witnesses in order to succeed. The investigation conducted by your attorney will uncover what witnesses and evidence are available to you and thereby your chances of success if you were to proceed with a lawsuit.

An Attorney Files and Advances Your Case

Your lawsuit officially begins when a copy of your initial pleading is filed with the court and served to the person or entity you allege caused your injuries. These are tasks that can be difficult for the average person to do. If your initial pleading is not legally and factually sufficient, your lawsuit may be dismissed before it has even begun. Furthermore, if you fail to serve the other party in accordance with the law, you may not be able to proceed with your case. Making sure your initial pleading and service is sufficient while attempting to recover from your injuries can make these tasks even more daunting.

Once your case commences, there will be tasks that need to be completed according to specific deadlines. Failing to take the appropriate action within these timelines–for example, failing to respond to a motion filed by the other party–can result in an adverse decision in your case and the denial of your suit for monetary damages. It can be overwhelming to attempt to remember your doctors’ appointments and other obligations while also remembering deadlines related to your personal injury case.

An Attorney Helps You Collect Your Judgment

Once you have been awarded monetary damages in your personal injury case, you must then set out collecting that damages award. An attorney knows the tools available to help collect the damages to which you are entitled. While you focus on your recovery and on getting your life back to normal, your attorney can take appropriate action to ensure you are paid in a timely manner.

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