Depuy Recalls Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacement

Depuy Orthopaedics, Inc. recently recalled several of their hip replacement systems after individuals reported several serious side effects and complications.

Throughout the past several years, thousands of Americans have received dangerous metal-on-metal hip replacements. What Depuy and other manufacturers of these metal-on-metal hip replacements didn't tell the public was that the metal in the device would grind against other metal parts of the device. This resulted in metal fragments being deposited in consumer's blood streams, and hip replacement patients feeling extreme pain and sensitivity just months after their hip replacement.

Patients that have had a metal-on-metal hip replacement may need to have a revisionary procedure completed. However, many of the serious side effects after having the procdure may not be recognized until several months or even years after the surgery was completed.

After Depuy had a reported failure rate of 13% regarding the hip replacements, they had several of their models recalled. Additionally, while Depuy has admitted that their devices were dangerous and defective, as of yet other manufacturers have not followed suit.

Even if you aren't experiencing symptoms at this time, it's likely that the procedure may eventually cause pain, discomfort, and lifelong consequences. If you or a loved one have had a metal-on-metal hip replacement surgery done, please call an experienced hip implant lawyer at Zinda Law Group that can aggressively fight for your legal rights.