Doctor Attempts to Break into Boyfriend's Home, Dies in Chimney

Dr. Jacquelyn Kotarac, a 49 year old woman from Bakersfield, California disappeared last week after being turned away from her "on again, off again" boyfriend's home. Reports indicate that when her boyfriend, William Moodie, made it clear that he did not want to see her last Wednesday, she attempted to break into his house through his chimney.

She did not make it all the way into the house, though, instead getting stuck in the chimney. Although people knew she was missing, no one thought to check her boyfriend's chimney. Neighbors say that they thought they heard someone calling for help, but that it was quiet and they did not or could not locate the person in need. By Friday night, neighbors say they were able to smell her body, and her body was found on Saturday. It took firefighters 5 hours to take apart the chimney to remove her body.

Moodie was not at home while her body was stuck in the chimney. Her body was discovered by someone who was pet sitting his fish for him.

It is unknown whether there was a defect in the chimney or if Moodie will be held accountable by Kotarac's family for premises liability, although his chimney did have a chimney cap, which she removed.

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