Doctor Involved in Third Case After Giving Drugs to UFC Star

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An Irving-based doctor is in court again after a third offense. According to Dallas News, the doctor with the initials H.M. issued illegal drugs to a UFC fighter after sports authorities barred the fighter from obtaining any performance enhancers. UFC star Alistair Overeem tested positive for high levels of testosterone in a recent fight, and as barred from competing in a Las Vegas match as a result. When questioned, the athlete said that he got the testosterone from the Dallas doctor. H.M. told courts he was not aware that the UFC officials had banned testosterone as a performance enhancer for the fighting ring. Overeem took the same defense.

H.M. did not even tell the fighter that the injections he gave him involved testosterone. He simply said that he was going to give Overeem a performance enhancer. He also gave him vials of the serum for later injections. The serum was assumedly a “tetra max” that H.M. used when patients came to him with muscle injuries. H.M. was also disciplined by the Texas Medical Board 8 years ago when he prescribed controlled substances and dangerous drugs over the internet to addicted patients. One of his patients was so heavily addicted to the medications that he was issuing that he was sent to a rehabilitation center. In that occurrence, H.M. was given a $25,000 fine and lost his ability to prescribe controlled substances temporarily.

In another issue, H.M. decided to start perform cosmetic surgeries. He scheduled and performed a liposuction on a willing woman, but had little training in the procedure. The operation went horribly wrong and H.M.’s patient had severe side effects. She was not a good candidate for the operation because of several health issues, and was sent to the hospital for treatment with severe complications. If you have been injured by a doctor who was not doing his or her job correctly, then you need to talk to a personal injury lawyer right away. If you live in the Dallas area, Zinda Law Group is here for you. Talk to us today to start forming your claim!