Reasons People Aren’t Successful in a Dog Bite Claim

Last updated on: April 19, 2022

There are two big reasons that our attorneys at Zinda Law Group see as why people aren’t successful in their dog bite case.

The first one is that they were negligent in some way or provoked the dog. Now, one benefit about hiring an attorney right away is that we know how to frame our arguments to show that you didn’t provoke this dog bite or dog attack. The way that we do that is we talk to witnesses. We get animal control reports from your incident and any prior incidents involving this dog. If we look into the background of this particular dog we may find that it had an aggressive history. This would decreases the percentage chance that you’re the one that provoked the dog.

The second reason that people aren’t successful in their dog bite case is because there isn’t a source of recovery. By that I mean an insurance policy. Homeowner’s insurance is the insurance that compensates you for the negligence of a dog owner or possessor. Or renter’s insurance when you’re renting a home or an apartment. Unfortunately, homeowner’s insurance isn’t required in the state of Texas like car insurance. Finding out if an individual has homeowners or renters insurance is more difficult than determining if somebody has car insurance. If they don’t have homeowner’s insurance, the odds of you being able to find a way to make a recovery, regardless of fault, is going to be minimal. Call our dog bite attorneys f you have any questions about sources of recovery or how you can ensure your dog bite case has the best potential.

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