Dog Bites Young Girl in the Face

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An otherwise friendly dog surprised everyone when it bit a young girl in the face.

Animal control officers were called to a home last Sunday afternoon when a yellow lab attacked the 6-year-old girl. She was reported to have been playing out in the yard when the dog bite incident happened. Luckily, it was witnessed by several family members who called 911 immediately. Following the attack, the dog was taken into custody to be observed.

If the dog has its rabies shots and performs well during the ten days of observation, it may be released back to its owner. However, it is ultimately up to the agents with the animal control department whether the dog will be euthanized or not.

Dog bites can lead not only to physical wounds, but also emotional trauma that is hard to overcome. If you or someone you care for has been bitten by a dog and you feel dog owner negligence may have played a role, contact Zinda Law Group to have your case reviewed by an experienced Dallas personal injury lawyer.