Dog Owner Responsibility

Texas Dog Bite Laws

In Texas legal liability for a dog bite is based on one of the following circumstances:

  • The owner knew that the dog had bitten someone previously or had the dangerous propensity to bite a person,
  • The accident was caused by the negligence of the person handling the dog,
  • The accident was caused by a violation of a leash law, prohibition against dogs trespassing or running at large, or a similar animal control law, or
  • The injury was caused intentionally by the person handling the dog.
  • If the dog owner was not acting as an “ordinarily prudent” dog owner would and that led to the attack they could be held responsible under a theory called “negligence.”

*There is a particular form of negligence that is referred to as “negligence per se.” This occurs when the person controlling or owning the dog breaks the local municipal, city or county law.

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