Texas Laws

Last updated on: March 4, 2015

Texas animal owners are often legally responsible for animal bites…

Dog owners are usually responsible when dog bites or attacks occur in Texas. Whether or not they are responsible for a dog bite in Texas depends on the circumstances surrounding the dog bite and where the dog bite occurs in Texas, because the laws vary between counties and cities in Texas.

Generally, a dog owner may be responsible for a dog bite if:

  • The owner intentionally allowed the dog to bite or attack;
  • The owner knew that the dog had previously bitten a person or had the dangerous propensity to bite a person;
  • The owner was in violation of the local leash law or animal control law at the time the bite occurred; or
  • The owner was negligent in his or her handling of the dog at the time the bite occurred.

Typically, the homeowner insurance of the dog’s owner will compensate the victim for any damages they may have suffered, like medical bills and lost wages.