Driving Dangers as Road Conditions in North Texas Worsen

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As the city of Dallas and others in Nothern Texas are experiencing bouts of snow and icy drizzle, the road conditions are becoming a prime spot for car accidents and crashes. The weather is not supposed to hit above freezing until almost noon today, meaning the roads will have less time to warm up and de-ice. Bridges and overpasses are a particular worry for motorists because they freeze faster.

So far today there has been at least one major accident. Around 5:30 a.m. this morning there was a crash on I-635 and I-35. Many schools have closed because of the dangers that the slick roads present.

If you are driving on ice, it is recommended that you drive slowly and carefully. Should you begin to slide, it is recommended that you either tap your breaks multiple times, lightly, or not use them at all and try to control the skid if you have anti-lock brakes.

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