DUI Crash Leads to Settlement for Brain-Damaged Child


Abdallah Khader was only two years old when his life was altered forever. The child was riding in the back of a family van when a drunk driver came careening down the road and struck the side of their vehicle. The little boy was critically injured, and suffered extensive brain damage which has radically changed his personality, maturity, and capability. The small child is now disabled, a tragedy that has left his parents devastated. The family chose to file a lawsuit against the driver, whose drunken state caused the unnecessary accident.

They also decided to file a lawsuit after an Applebee’s restaurant, where the driver had been drinking before he got in his car. They said that the restaurant served the man over 20 drinks and then allowed him to leave and get behind the wheel. While no amount of money will make Abdallah the child he was before the crash occurred, the family’s personal injury attorney hopes that the settlement will allow them to provide care for their child. She also hopes that this lawsuit can serve as an example to others who think of driving while intoxicated. The drunk driver in the case is still awaiting trial, but his Applebee’s receipt shows that he purchased 23 drinks in less than two hours at the restaurant located in Mansfield. Texas.

The police found that this driver had a BAC 3 times the legal limit, and that he had been charged with 6 DUIs before this accident. While Abdallah reached the worst damage, all of the Khaders were injured in the crash. The parents decided to file a lawsuit because of their need for extra finances to sustain Abdallah’s care, and the emotional trauma of the accident. If you or someone you love was injured in a drunken driving accident, then you have the right to file a lawsuit against the wrong doers. Contact a Texas personal injury attorney today to get more information.