How to Negotiate a Dog Bite Claim with GEICO Insurance

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If you have been injured by a dog bite and are attempting to file a claim with GEICO, you may be entitled to significant compensation. There is a lot that goes into a settlement negotiation, and GEICO in particular will challenge you to mount the best case possible in order to receive your target compensation amount.

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Filing Your Claim

If you were bitten by a dog whose owner is a GEICO policy-holder, you must contact a GEICO adjuster to file your claim. However, it is important that you first take time to follow the necessary steps in creating an effective settlement demand.

Crafting Your Claim

In order to maximize your chances of receiving the largest settlement amount possible, it is necessary to assess the extent of your dog bite damages. In many cases, dog bites can lead to serious disfigurement of limbs and scarring across the body, which not only leads to costly medical bills, but severe non-economic damages as well.

If the dog bite led to any kind of amputation, the victim may receive a very large settlement. Additionally, compensation can multiply if the incident has led to well-documented anxiety and fear around animals, which is particularly likely if the victim is a child.

If you are filing a claim on behalf of a small child, recovery for non-economic damages can be even larger than settlements for adult victims. After a pet attack, many children develop irrational fears around pets and wild animals, and can experience developmental setbacks as a result.

In these extreme cases, the victim or their  guardians may elect mental and emotional therapy in addition to physical medical treatment. This will lead to more expenses than standard doctor visits and surgery, and can lead to larger settlement values in dog bite cases.

It is important that you carefully capture all of the ways in which the dog bite has negatively affected your life, or your child’s life. It is common for those seeking an injury settlement to limit their argument to only medical bills and lost wages, however non-economic damages may lead to significant increases in compensation.

Be Ready To Negotiate

GEICO will try to minimize the amount they owe in all negotiations. They employ trained adjusters who are skilled in arguing against the merits of injury claims, and finding ways to reduce the value of your settlement to fit their financial goals.

If you find yourself in a situation where a GEICO adjuster wants to pay you less than what you are claiming, stand firm with your original amount. A well-crafted settlement demand should be valued in such a way that it compensates you fully for your damages while indicating that an insurance company will spend more in a lawsuit.

The ultimate goal of any dog bite injury negotiation with GEICO should be to persuade their adjuster that your target recovery value is less than what they would owe if you took them to trial. This may seem daunting if you do not have litigation experience, so it is important to consult with an El Paso dog bite lawyer for more information.

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