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Insurance Company Denying Your Hail Damage Claim? Our Property Damage Lawyers Can Help

Hail can be one of nature’s most destructive forces. Millions of dollars’ worth of property suffer damage annually due to the power of hailstorms. At the very least, small hail can dent your car’s roof, hood or trunk. At its worst, a severe hailstorm can cause serious damage to your home’s roof, siding, windows or skylights.

Roof damage is, by far, the most common type of property damage resulting from hailstorms. In addition to the obvious aesthetic damage, a secondary consequence of hail damage is water leakage. This is because punctured roof shingles will, in time, further deteriorate. Unfortunately, the potential for such damage is often not evident immediately following the hailstorm. If your home is unfortunately damaged in a hailstorm, you expect your insurance company to cover the repairs. If they deny all or part of your valid claim, our El Paso hail damage lawyers can help.

Submitting A Claim To Your Insurance Company

Insurance companies commonly receive hailstorm-related claims such as roof or A/C replacement, water damage, or removal of debris. If hail has damaged your property, it’s essential that you contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Be sure to take photos of all damage to submit to your insurer. The insurance company must notify you within 15 days after you file a claim to let you know whether they will accept or deny the claim or why they need additional time to consider it. If the company accepts your claim, they must send you your claim check within 5 days.

Each individual insurance policy specifies the time limit with which you must comply in order to file your claim. Under Texas law, you need to comply with the time limit or risk losing your right to a claim. An insurance company’s deadline for filing a claim is usually determined for each individual case and is contained in your policy, which is, in effect, a legal contract.

Don’t Let Insurance Companies Underpay or Deny Your Valid Claim

Unfortunately, insurance companies may unrightfully deny claims to or underpay home owners whose property suffered hail damage. Often, insurers will create excuses for denying valid claims. They may argue the damage was pre-existing or due to poor construction or property maintenance. They might also claim that the property does not need to be repaired nor replaced. You pay high premiums to insure your property. Why let the insurance company “bully” you and deny your rightful claim? This is where a knowledgeable and experienced law firm can help.

We’ve helped clients stand up to aggressive insurance companies and ultimately receive their rightful claims for their hail-damaged property. In order for us to assist you in your lawsuit, it’s important that you provide us with vital documents, such as the insurance policy itself, any correspondence between you and the insurance company, check stubs from your insurance payments, a list of damages, records of repairs done to your property and any other pertinent documents that may help you win the claim to which you’re entitled. Under Texas law, negligent insurance companies that act in bad faith can potentially be held liable for three times the property damage in addition to your attorney’s fees.

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