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How to Request a Crash Report in El Paso

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If you’ve recently been involved in a car accident in El Paso, your insurance company may have requested that you provide them with what is called a “crash report.” The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) requires law enforcement officers to file a written report within 10 days of any car acc+ident they have investigated that results in injury to or the death of a person, or damage valued at $1,000 or more to the property of any individual.

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Is a Crash Report Necessary After an Accident?

If the car accident was not investigated by a law enforcement officer, or did not result in injury, death, or property damages in excess of $1,000, a law enforcement officer probably did not file a crash report. However, drivers who are involved in car accidents of this nature are still able to fill out what’s called a “driver’s crash report,” also known as the “blue form.”

This form allows drivers to retain information about the car accident for their records. If you’ve been involved in an accident, you might want to fill out a driver’s crash report while the details are still fresh in your mind.

TxDOT Crash Reports

TxDOT only holds crash reports submitted by law enforcement officers. Crash reports filed by law enforcement officers are currently held by TxDOT for 10 years plus the current year.

How to Request a Crash Report in El Paso

If you are interested in requesting a crash report, you have several options. First, TxDOT has the Crash Report Online Purchase System, where you are able to request and pay for your crash report online.

Second, you can also request a crash report by mail. Crash reports cost $6 for a regular copy, and $8 for a certified copy.

Finally, you may want to request a crash report from the Records Division of the El Paso Police Department. Although all law enforcement officers are required to submit their reports to TxDOT within 10 days of an accident, it may be more expedient to go through EPPD’s Records Division.

Different Ways to Request a Crash Report

You can request a crash report through fax, in person, or by U.S. mail, but your request must be in writing. For a crash report, you need to provide at least two of the following items:

  • The exact date of the crash
  • The location of the crash
  • Name of the person involved in the crash

How Much Does Filing a Crash Report Cost?

If you have a case number associated with the car accident, you should be sure to include that as well. Crash reports through EPPD’s Records Division also cost $6 for a regular copy and $8 for certified copy.

There is a $0.10 fee per page of your report. There may also be additional charges if you submit your request through mail, or if the crash report is more than 50 pages long.

Here are some useful links:

Public Information Request Form for El Paso Police Department’s Records Division.

TxDOT’s Crash Report Online Purchase System.

This link provides users with information about how to fill out a Driver’s Crash Report for your own records and how to order a Crash Report through mail.

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