El Paso Slip and Fall Accident Attorneys

A slip and fall accident, often referred to as a premises liability claim, is defined as a situation where someone slips, trips or falls down as a result of hazardous or dangerous conditions on someone's property.  Hazardous or dangerous conditions that result in injury may include water on the floor, a spilled product on the supermarket floor, snow or ice, poor lighting, broken or defective furnishings, and uneven flooring or surfaces.

Slip and fall accident claims are brought under tort law based on the idea that the property owner was negligent by allowing the dangerous conditions to exist on their property and that these conditions were the proximate cause of the personal injury.

Property owners in El Paso are responsible for removing potential hazards or dangers that may cause injuries to others. This also applies to their employees working on the property. If the property owner or their employees are aware of the hazard or danger that exists, the property owner can be held legally responsible for any injuries that result from the conditions. To find out if you may have a premises liability or slip and fall claim, contact a slip and fall lawyer at Zinda Law Group of El Paso today at 800-863-5312 to get a free consultation.

Slip and Fall Accident Compensation 

Victims of slip and falls can suffer serious, life-altering injuries - even wrongful death. Compensation for injuries sustained in slip and fall accidents are similar to personal injury claims and may include medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, potential future medical expenses, potential future wage loss, and wrongful death to name a few.

You can sue a property owner for these damages if you can prove all of the following elements:

  • A condition existed that posed an unreasonable risk of harm;
  • The property owner knew, or should have known, that this condition posed a risk of harm;
  • The property owner should have anticipated that someone on their property could not have known about the risk of harm or would be unable to protect themselves from the risk;
  • The property owner was negligent by failing to correct or repair the condition;
  • You were injured due to the property owner’s negligence; and
  • The condition or hazard was a direct cause of your injury.

A property owner has only two defenses in a premises liability claim. They are:

  • The property owner was not negligent
  • The injured party was the negligent party

Our Premises Liability Attorneys Are Here To Help

Our slip and fall accident lawyers in El Paso can help you understand the law. There are many factors to consider, such as previous complaints about an existing hazard, determining negligence of a business or property owner, and determining negligence, if any, of the individual injured. These are only a few of the factors that our  personal injury firm will analyze when investigating your case. Contact Zinda Law Group of El Paso today or call 800-863-5312 for a free consultation regarding your slip and fall or premises liability case. As one of our clients, you will pay nothing unless we win your case. 

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Slip and Fall Accidents

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Top 7 Mistakes made after a Slip and Fall Accident 

1.      Not reporting the accident: An important piece of every personal injury claim is proper documentation. It is important to report your slip and fall accident so there is a record of the event. Make sure to get a copy of the accident report from the business or store manager.

2.      Not speaking with witnesses: If someone witnessed your fall, it’s important to get their contact information in case you need a witness statement for your claim.

3.      Failing to collect evidence: take multiple pictures of the hazard that caused your fall.

4.      Apologizing: “I’m sorry” falls out of many people’s mouths almost reflexively. Do your best to avoid apologizing until fault can be established.

5.      Giving the insurance company a recorded statement: You are not required to provide the insurer with a recorded statement and as you’ve heard in the movies time and time again, what you say can be used against you in a court of law.

6.      Skipping doctor’s appointments or doctor recommended physical therapy: Skipping doctor’s appointments is a sign to the insurance company and the courts that you aren’t as injured as you claim to be. Make sure to attend all recommended appointments and checkups.

7.      Signing documents or accepting a settlement without consulting an attorney: Insurance companies often try to pressure slip and fall victims into settling quickly. Consulting with an experienced slip and fall injury attorney will help ensure you get the settlement you are entitled to.