What to Expect in a Car Accident Settlement with State Farm Insurance

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Negotiating a settlement with any insurance company can be challenging. State Farm is no exception, so you should be prepared to mount the best possible case for your claim if you decide to seek a settlement.

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How to File a Personal Injury Claim with State Farm

If you have been injured in an accident and would like to receive compensation for your injuries, the first step to seeking financial recovery is to file a claim with an insurance provider. State Farm, as one of the largest insurance firms in the US, employs skilled adjusters to minimize the amount they have to pay out in settlements.

Since negotiating a settlement with State Farm means negotiating with trained adjusters, you must use all of the tools at your disposal to conduct a thorough investigation of the cause of the car accident and the effects it has had on your life. In order to give you the best chance of success in negotiations, you should keep the following guidelines in mind:

Accurately Communicate Your Settlement Demands

If you choose to seek a settlement, you should be prepared to communicate your demands clearly to your adjuster. You also must approach any attorneys, law enforcement, and medical professionals you visit with a clear account of what happened in order to receive proper treatment and to document your situation.

Do not Ask for Anything Less than the Totality of Your Damages

The purpose of an injury settlement is to recover for the totality of your damages. Many people underestimate how much their injury claim is worth by failing to account for the full extent of non-economic damages in their claim to State Farm.

This point cannot be overstated. Many injury victims seek recovery for only the major damages like medical bills and lost wages, and neglect to account for the psychological effects of their injuries, such as depression or anxiety.

Even seemingly small inconveniences, such as an inability to tie your shoes or brush your teeth without pain, can add up to additional compensation. You must properly document every possible effect your injury is having on your life in order to accurately gauge the true effect of your damages.

Be Prepared to Push Back

If you are successful in gathering all of the necessary evidence regarding the full extent of your damages, you may find that your adjuster offers less than what you believe you deserve. If this is the case, stand firm in your settlement and be ready to explain why accepting your settlement value will be less costly to State Farm than taking your case to court.

An adjuster at State Farm will enter every negotiation with the goal of minimizing the amount of money paid out in settlements. If you craft a reasonable demand, stand firm on your amount, and clearly outline how a trial would be more costly for State Farm, you will maximize your chance of receiving the compensation you are seeking.

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