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Are you suffering from ovarian cancer? Have you ever used products that contain talcum powder? If you answered yes to both of these questions, there is a chance that using those talc products caused your ovarian cancer. Over the last four decades, scientists have studied the link between using talcum powder and cancer. Some studies suggest that use of the products can increase a woman’s risk of developing ovarian cancer by thirty percent. In addition, more recent studies have suggested that the percentage increases to more than forty percent for those who use the products daily. The results of these studies are significant, yet manufacturers of products that contain talcum powder did not warn consumers of the dangers of using these products.

If you were diagnosed with ovarian cancer that may be from using products that contain talcum powder, you could have a claim against the manufacturers for failing to warn of the link between use and ovarian cancer. A knowledgeable and experienced El Paso talcum powder lawsuit attorney can review the facts and evidence in your case and determine your best chances for a successful outcome.

Talcum Powder Products Are Linked To Ovarian Cancer

If you use products that contain talcum powder, your chance of developing cancer of the ovaries increases significantly. Talcum powder it is often thought to cause ovarian cancer because some of the tumors of cancer patients in scientific studies contained talcum powder particles. Because products that contain talcum powder like body powders, feminine hygiene products, and even condoms, are typically used in a woman’s genital area, the talcum powder particles enter a woman’s body and end up in her fallopian tubes, ovaries, and/or uterus, which could result in cancer.

Lawsuits Against Talcum Product Manufacturers Successful

Because women are becoming increasingly aware of the link between talcum powder products and ovarian cancer, more and more are filing claims against the manufacturers of these products. While cancer of the ovaries is not a common form of cancer, it is considered very deadly because it can be so hard to diagnose or detect. Those who are fortunate and catch the illness early will generally have to endure expensive and extensive medical treatment. But by the time many people are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, often, it is too late for successful medical treatment. No matter the stage of ovarian cancer, the illness is serious and can have devastating consequences.

Fortunately, while it is not a cure, many claimants have successfully sued talcum powder product manufacturers and received significant monetary damages. A large monetary award can go a long way towards paying for treatments, therapies, recovery, and other losses. If you have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and you have used talcum powder products in the past, be sure to consult with an experienced El Paso talcum powder lawyer right away. The dedicated attorneys at Zinda Law Group have already been reviewing and investigating talcum powder injury claims, preparing these cases for possible trials, and are ready to help you today. Contact our El Paso law office at 800-863-5312 to get a free initial consultation!