Elderly Woman Injured After Switching Eye Drops and Superglue

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Irmhard Holm, a woman from Arizona, was injured last week after mistakenly putting superglue in her eyes. The similar shape and appearance of the superglue bottle lead her to believe it was one of her many eye drop medications. She underwent cataract surgery last year and needs the medicines to see.

Holm immediately realized something was amiss because the “eye drops” caused her eyes to burn. When she tried to wash the superglue off and out of her eyes, she was unable to do so because her eyes were already sealed shut. She had to seek medical attention and have her eye opened and cleaned by hospital personnel and paramedics. Had she waited much longer to get help, she may have suffered permanent eye damage.

This is not the first incident in which superglue was mistaken for eye drops. Recent accidents have prompted the FDA to conduct and investigation and to urge superglue makers to switch the look of their bottles. If they do not, they may eventually be sued for product liability.

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