Family of Truck Accident Victim Filing Lawsuit against Driver

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Four women were out last week celebrating a birthday when they were involved in a fatal truck accident. The family of one of the women, who had just turned 95, is now suing the truck driver that caused the collision. The wrongful death lawsuit has been filed by the estate of M.G. who lived in West Des Moines. A police report shows that the driver, K.E.S. Jr., ran a red light and drove his semi into the vehicle carrying the four women. Although the driver has already entered a plea of not guilty for the accident, the family has filed a civil suit that will not interfere with his criminal case.

An attorney for the family reports that the driver, as well as the company that employed him, has a history of traffic violations. This information will be presented in court as evidence to convince a judge during the wrongful death suit trial. Do you plan to file a wrongful death claim due to your recent loss of a loved one? Now is the time to get a Dallas personal injury attorney involved who can serve as your legal representative throughout the duration of your case. To get legal help now, contact Zinda Law Group to set up a time to meet with our team.