Family Suing Camp for Son’s Death

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Two years ago a family received a phone call that every family dreads. At that time, a 9-year-old boy was participating as a camper with an environmental group. He and another boy were camping outside when a 100-year-old tree fell on top of them. They were part of a group of kids that were taking part in a two day camping trip despite high-wind advisories.

Due to the accident, the family is now suing the camp that organized the trip for the death of their little boy. In the lawsuit, the parents contend that the camp should not have taken the campers out during such windy and cold weather. The county is also being sued for their role in the accident as the parents claim that county leaders never issued an apology for the death of the little boy.

The lawsuit goes on to explain that the family is demanding $5 million in damages for each parent, as well as $2 million for the boy’s estate. This money will go towards covering $60,000 in medical bills as well.

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