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How do judges and juries determine the value of economic loss in a personal injury case?

We present evidence of your medical bills and lost wages to the jury. Medical bills are typically proved using the medical bills and records presented with a sworn affidavit from the custodian of records. The evidence of lost wages can take many forms, but typically we will use your W-2s, tax filings, employment records, pay stubs, and testimony from your coworkers or boss.

Who can be held liable for a catastrophic injury?

In all cases, we investigate to identify all potentially responsible parties and all available insurance. In cases with catastrophic injuries it is even more important to thoroughly search for all sources of recovery. We search for any party that may have played a part in causing the injury. Often when there is a catastrophic injury it’s not just one person who is at fault—many times, for example, the company that employed the primary actor is also responsible.

How Do I Know if I Have a Pedestrian Accident Case?

Whether or not you have a pedestrian accident case will depend on three factors. First, you want to see whether or not you have liability facts. Liability facts allow you to hold the person who injured you responsible for your injuries. Usually in Texas that means a standard of care called negligence, which means that they fail to act with ordinary care and precaution and as a result you were injured. Second, you want to see whether or not you have sufficient damages that make it worth your time and hassle to go through with filing a claim for a personal injury. Damages include things like your medical bills from the injury, your lost wages, as well as your pain and suffering. Third, you want to see whether or not there is a source of recovery, which usually in Texas means some sort of insurance policy that will cover the negligent actions of the person who injured you. If you are unsure whether or not you have all of these elements, talk to a personal injury lawyer.

Can I Collect Worker's Compenstain for My Personal Injury?

Yes, people often ask whether or not they can allow for worker's compensation to pay some portion of their medical bills or their lost wages as a result of an injury. The answer is, of course, yes. However what you need to know is that when worker's compensation pays for these items, and you should later receive a settlement from another party, worker's compensation may be able to come back to you for any payments that were made by them on your behalf.

What is a Catastrophic Personal Injury?

We understand here at Zinda Law Group that almost every injury is catastrophic to the person dealing with it. “Catastrophic claim” is a legal concept to denote extreme physical and life altering conditions, for the injured or deceased and the families that have to overcome adversity and grieve and help their loved one in a tough situation.

We represent all sorts of injury claimants. We have cases with individuals that suffer burns to the most of their body or unfortunate incidents where the family members have died as a result of negligence. Generally, the insurance companies handle these claims with more experienced personnel using sophisticated techniques, where having an attorney on your side is essential from the beginning.

But the most important thing to know is that we take all of these cases just as seriously as every other case we have. The most important thing to do is make sure you stay on top of these cases. Put some pressure on the insurance company and allow this family and friends to grieve and work out their lives, while we deal with everything on the legal and financial end.

Am I Partially at Fault for My Pedestrian Accident?

Whether or not you are partially at fault in a pedestrian automobile accident will depend on specific facts of your case, the municipal laws, and traffic laws in your city, and the specific roadway where you were injured. Oftentimes, insurance companies will tell victims of personal injury that they are partially responsible for their own injury in an effort to avoid paying a total claim or avoid paying the claim entirely. If you have questions on whether or not you're at fault, you should talk to a personal injury lawyer about the specifics of your case.

What if No One is at Fault for My Personal Injury?

The first thing we look at when evaluating a potential personal injury case is whether there any liability by anyone.  There are many different investigative items to determine if someone is at fault. There are experts we can talk to, witnesses who may have seen something not apparent, or other responsible people (owners, employers, manufacturers, builders, etc.). In our experience, oftentimes it's rare that somebody isn't at fault. We take all cases very seriously from the moment they come to us and we want to get on top of the investigation right away. So track down everybody we can, get records requests and make sure that if somebody is responsible or there is a chance that somebody is responsible, we can find out.

The good thing about hiring a personal injury attorney is that unless you're successful in collecting from someone, you don't owe the attorney anything -the attorney doesn't earn a fee. We spend a significant amount of time investigating liability and if we don’t come up with anything, at least you have some peace of mind knowing that there wasn't any legal option for you.

What Factors Determine How Much My Personal Injury Case is Worth?

The factors that determine how much a personal injury case is worth vary widely. They can be anything from the amount of injuries you suffered to the degree of negligence by the person who's injured you. It's difficult for any personal injury lawyer to tell before they start to investigate a claim how much this case is worth. A general baseline of how much a case is worth can be the amount of medical bills that have accrued.