How Much Will I Get From My Personal Injury Case?

This is a question that people ask me on their first visit almost 95% of the time. Any attorney who tells you they're going to get you a certain amount of money at the beginning of your case, is probably lying to you because there is no way to know. There are a lot of different factors that our considered in determining how much money you are going to get at the end of your case.

The biggest factor is how much insurance coverage is available. In Texas, it is extremely difficult to go after somebody individually to get to their bank account and take their assets. Our job is to immediately figure out what insurance policies exist and then we can analyze how much money is available. Just because a certain amount of money is available, doesn't mean that you are entitled to it just because you were involved in a wreck. In addition to finding out what insurance exists, we take into consideration your medical bills, how this has affected you and your injuries. So if you have broken ribs and a broken ankle and a bunch of abrasions – this will probably have higher value than a pinkie injury that lasted a week. You have a spectrum of injuries that are a really high value and really low value cases depending on the injury.

Another factor that is taken in consideration is the actions of the individuals before or after the wreck. If the other driver was intoxicated or fled from the scene, this behavior may be upsetting or outrageous to a potential jury, and it could increase the value of your case. It is really dependent on so many different factors that until we get an idea of all the different investigative items and insurance issues reviewed, it is impossible to predict.