What if No One is at Fault for My Personal Injury?

The first thing we look at when evaluating a potential personal injury case is whether there any liability by anyone.  There are many different investigative items to determine if someone is at fault. There are experts we can talk to, witnesses who may have seen something not apparent, or other responsible people (owners, employers, manufacturers, builders, etc.). In our experience, oftentimes it's rare that somebody isn't at fault. We take all cases very seriously from the moment they come to us and we want to get on top of the investigation right away. So track down everybody we can, get records requests and make sure that if somebody is responsible or there is a chance that somebody is responsible, we can find out.

The good thing about hiring a personal injury attorney is that unless you're successful in collecting from someone, you don't owe the attorney anything -the attorney doesn't earn a fee. We spend a significant amount of time investigating liability and if we don’t come up with anything, at least you have some peace of mind knowing that there wasn't any legal option for you.