Fisher-Price Recalls 11 Million Children's Toys and Products

Fisher-Price has been conducting research concerning a number of their toys over the past few years in order to determine whether they were defective products and posed health and safety hazards. They have now voluntarily recalled 11 million children's products, including toy cars, plastic balls, tricycles, and high chairs. Many of these products have been on the market for years, some for a long as a decade.

The high chairs were recalled because part of the chair which is used for storage protrudes in an unsafe manner and children who fall on it may be injured.

The toy cars and plastic balls were found to be hazardous to small children who might put parts in their mouths and accidentally choke. The wheels on the toy cars come off and become choking hazards, while the inflation valve on the plastic balls can also come off and become a choking hazard. There are no reports of children choking on the toy wheels, but 14 children put the valves in their mouths and 3 of those children choked.

The tricycles have a plastic ignition key that, when fallen upon or pressed against, has caused bruising and lacerations to the children. This is particularly upsetting because the injuries occur near the children's genitals.

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