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If you have suffered a personal injury in Florida, you can receive a free consultation with an appointment with one of our experienced personal injury lawyers at Zinda Law Group. Personal injury cases address losses from a wide variety of accidents, from car accidents to workplace accidents.

Personal injury claims seek compensation for losses or damage caused by another person who had a responsibility to make sure you did not get injured. If your accident or harm was caused by someone else, you may request a free appointment with one of our lawyers in Florida to assess your claim.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident, call our personal injury lawyers at Zinda Law Group in Florida at (800) 863-5312 for a 100% free case evaluation. If we take your case and don’t win, you won’t pay.

Why are consultations offered for free?

When looking to hire an attorney for legal services, you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of lawyers in Florida and unsure about how to pick the best person to handle your case. Most lawyers will offer a free consultation so that you can have the opportunity to see if they are the right fit for you. In-depth legal advice is not usually given in a free consultation, because the purpose is for the attorney to understand your legal needs and for you to determine whether you want to hire them.

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how to prepare for a legal consultation

Knowing what to expect in your first meeting will help to ensure you choose the right person for your legal needs. Consider having a plan in mind before you meet with an attorney so that you can be prepared to ask questions and answer any they will have. The following tips may be helpful:

Locating an Attorney

Finding an attorney to schedule a free consultation with is the first step. You should look for an attorney who focuses his or her legal practice on your type of legal issue. Choosing an attorney who is experienced in that particular area of law helps ensure that they have seen this type of case before and are prepared to handle it.

If you have had a lawyer before for a different issue, consider asking if he or she can refer you to someone. You may also ask family and friends if they know of an attorney who can help you. Many sites online offer information about lawyers in your area. You can always call Zinda Law Group or utilize the chat feature on our website to locate a Florida lawyer near you for a free consultation.

Ask Background Questions

When you are at your first meeting with your potential lawyer, consider asking about their background. You want to get a good idea of whether or not they are experienced enough to handle your case. The lawyer should be honest about their skills and whether they have handled a case similar to yours before. Forming and maintaining a good and honest relationship with the attorney can help make it easier for you to have them handle your case.

Working with your Attorney

It is important to understand how the firm or particular attorney will handle and manage your case. In larger firms, other attorneys may help out with the case. This can make handling your case more efficient in some situations since more people are able to assist.

Some attorneys have paralegals or legal assistants who handle the scheduling and paperwork. Be sure to know who to contact if you need to reschedule something, and know the best way to contact the lawyer working on your case. Ask when you can expect updates and what materials you should provide to the attorney to make handling your claim go smoothly.

Understanding Legal Costs and Fees

Personal injury claims are a type of lawsuit that is usually taken on a contingency fee basis. This means that the lawyer who represents you agrees to accept part of the money you recover as their fee for services. By handling fees through a contingency, you will not have to pay anything up front. You will only have to pay if your case is won and the costs will come out of your settlement award.

Under the lawyer’s ethics rules, you and the lawyer must enter into a written fee agreement at the beginning of representation; this contract details what portion of the recovery the lawyer will receive. This fee is usually fixed as a percentage. An additional percentage may be added if you appeal your case or if the case must be tried again.

Within the contingency fee agreement, you and your lawyer will have to agree on how other costs—such as court filing fees or expenses paid for witnesses—will be handled. The agreement must be in writing and signed by both you and the lawyer or law firm. The percentage maximums for contingencies can be found on the Florida Bar website.

do you have a personal injury case?

Zinda Law Group offers free consultation appointments for people interested in pursuing personal injury cases. A personal injury case is one that occurs as a result of someone else’s actions. Most personal injury claims are brought under a legal theory called “negligence.”

Negligence occurs when a person fails to act as a reasonable person would in a similar circumstance. Negligence requires there to be a “duty,” such as the duty to follow traffic laws when driving. The other person can breach this duty by speeding or driving under the influence. If the breach of duty causes you harm and injury, then you likely have a strong case for negligence and personal injury.

All elements of negligence must be met in order to succeed in your claim. An experienced personal injury lawyer will know what evidence to look for in order to help you prove your claim. It is helpful to have an attorney who can navigate you through the law and the process in order to assist you in recovering the highest settlement award possible.

Common types of personal injury claims

While personal injury claims can encompass a wide variety of accidents, some of the most common claims are for car accidents. This can include accidents where the other driver was speeding, driving under the influence, or driving recklessly.

Accidents that occur on another person’s property are also common. These types of claims are called premise liability. Some examples of premise liability can include if you were bitten by a dog on someone’s property or if you were injured while shopping at a grocery or retail store. Owners of both commercial and private property have a duty to make sure their premises are safe, especially if they invite you onto their property.

Slip and falls that occur on a sidewalk or at work may also give rise to a personal injury claim. Medical malpractice is another common cause of personal injury. If you were injured in any way and it was by no fault of your own, consider speaking with a Florida personal injury lawyer in a free consultation to evaluate your claim.

What kind of recovery is possible in a personal injury case?

Personal injury cases are all unique; each must be evaluated individually. There is no average amount of recovery in personal injury cases, and each person will have different kinds of harm. People commonly suffer from physical injuries, such as in a car accident, but mental distress and lost wages are also typical. Depending on the type of harm you suffered, for how long, and how severe, your recovery amount will be calculated accordingly.

You can recover financially for your injuries for things such as medical bills, prescription medications, physical therapy, in-home care, follow up visits, surgeries, and visits with specialists. If your injuries are severe enough to be ongoing or long-term, then you will recover more for the harm caused. You can also recover lost wages if you had to miss work as a result of the accident.

If you suffered mentally from your experience from the accident, you may be able to recover for pain and suffering, mental distress, loss of enjoyment of life, and therapy sessions to deal with any lasting emotional distress. If your mental distress is creating lasting effects such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), then you may recover for ongoing treatment for that as well. It is important to be honest with your attorney throughout the course of your representation in order to determine an accurate recovery amount for your injuries.

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At Zinda Law Group, our personal injury lawyers are experienced and have handled many cases involving victims of accidents. We have the knowledge and resources necessary to help you determine what to do next and to help recover the best possible outcome for your case.

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