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Millions of people flock to Florida amusement parks on a yearly basis. In fact, with an average attendance of over 58 million visitors annually, Walt Disney World is actually the most-visited resort in the world. However, what is planned as a fun family vacation can quickly turn into a nightmare if you or a family member is hurt at a Florida amusement park.

The only way to get fair compensation from the parks when this happens may be to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer in Florida. If you or a loved one has been injured or hurt at an amusement park, call Zinda Law Group at (800) 863-5312 and ask for a free case evaluation with one of our personal injury attorneys.

causes of amusement park injuries

With the sheer number of visitors that flock to Florida each year to visit amusement parks, injuries can happen in a variety of different ways. The exact manner in which your injury arises will have an impact on whether financial compensation is available, how much is available, and what the best strategy is for pursuing it. Thus, it is a good idea to have an understanding of some of the common ways in which people are injured at amusement parks.

Operator Error

A small army of amusement park workers is required to operate rides, drive shuttle buses, and work in food or concessions. Because the parks need to hire large numbers of people, it is inevitable that they end up hiring some who won’t perform their jobs as well as others.

In addition, even top-notch employees might have an off day from time to time. For example, a ride operator might fail to correctly attach a safety restraint or direct too many people to board a ride vehicle. If a mistake like this leads to an injury, then the operator or the park itself may be liable for it, and a personal injury lawyer near you will be able to help you determine who should bear the blame.

Mechanical Failure

The rides in Florida’s amusement parks require countless mechanical components working in perfect harmony. These rides and other mechanical features require constant upkeep from qualified professionals in order to continue to work properly. If this maintenance is not attended to, or even if a mechanical failure occurs in spite of diligent maintenance, then parkgoers may be injured and may have a legal right to compensation for their injuries.

Poorly Maintained Grounds

While the draw in Florida’s parks are the advertised attractions, much of the day for many visitors is spent walking around from ride to ride. This being the case, it is important that they have safe walking surfaces everywhere that they might be in the park. Injuries can be caused by things like cracks in sidewalks, damaged or missing stairs, or even trash dropped on the ground that isn’t picked up in a timely fashion.

Regardless of how your injury occurs, whether it is one of these listed causes or something entirely different, it is possible that someone who works for the amusement park owner or even one of its subcontractors could be liable and thus owe payments in the form of damages. Speaking with an injury attorney in Florida will help you determine what compensation may be available to you.

Common amusement park ride injuries

Amusement park rides often operate at extremely high speeds, which is part of the thrill; unfortunately, this also means that there is the possibility for severe injuries if a rider is improperly positioned or improperly restrained. It is also possible for major injuries to occur from what seem like relatively minor issues, such as a crack in the sidewalk that should have been repaired or slipping on a soda spill that should have been cleaned up. Some other potential types of injuries include:

Broken Bones

Broken bones can result from a wide variety of accidents, whether it be a high-impact collision or sticking your arm out to break a fall in the case of a slip and fall. Broken bones can not only be painful, but might restrict a victim’s mobility in the future.

Head Injuries

Head injuries can be particularly dangerous because their symptoms might seem relatively minor or inconsequential, like a headache or fuzzy vision. They can be very serious, even deadly, however, and should be checked out by a medical professional as soon as possible.

Soft Tissue Damage

The body’s soft tissue includes all of its muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Some injuries, like certain kinds of strains, can be taken care of with at-home remedies. Things like tears, on the other hand, can leave the victim in a very difficult situation.

what to do after sustaining an injury

Most Florida amusement park accident injury victims have little to no experience with the legal system. Unfortunately, insurance companies or the parks themselves may attempt to take advantage of this fact and try to get victims to settle quickly for less than what their case is worth, or otherwise treat their visitors poorly. This being the case, until you can retain an injury attorney near you, it is helpful to have an idea of some of the basic steps that a victim should complete after their accident occurs.

1. Get Medical Attention

Immediately after an accident, get medical attention as quickly as possible; certain injuries can become worse if left untreated, and other injuries might not appear as serious as they actually are due to the adrenaline from the accident or the type of injury that they are. The other parties in your case might also try to argue that your injuries weren’t a result of their actions, and getting your injuries treated soon after you sustained them helps to mitigate against this.

Make sure to document all of the medical care you receive during this process. When you retain a Florida amusement park injury attorney after being injured at a theme park or popular entertainment venue, they will help you understand how important it is to keep all of your medical appointments and the bills that go along with them, for your health but also for the strength of your case.

2. Report the Injury to Park Management

If possible, make sure to report the accident to park management before leaving. Describe the details of how your accident occurred and what caused it. Make sure to be clear and specific about exactly what happened and request a copy of whatever report the park generates.

3. Document the Accident

From the moment that the accident occurs, it is important that you document everything that happens along the way. While at the scene, try to take a thorough set of pictures or video of the conditions that caused the accident, if this is feasible. As stated above, get a copy of the incident report from the park and keep copies of all of the medical records that you receive while treating your injuries. In a personal injury case, it is always better to be overprepared than underprepared.

4. Contact an Injury Attorney in Florida

As soon as you can, speak with a Florida injury attorney about the details of your case. An attorney can make sure that an investigation is undertaken and completed before crucial evidence is lost. They can also handle all of the communications with the other parties in the case to ensure that you don’t inadvertently damage your claim or accept a settlement offer that is less than the true value of the case.

what is my case worth?

 One tactic that may be used by Florida amusement parks is to attempt to shame accident victims into not seeking monetary compensation. However, medical bills become expensive very quickly, and you may have a legal right to damages to pay for them. While there is no way to give a generic answer of what your case could be worth without knowing the details, damages will generally come from one of a few categories.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are quantifiable damages that are the most tangible of any of the types of injury compensation that exist. They include things like medical bills, the cost of repairing damage to your personal property or replacing it, and lost wages from being unable to work for a period of time. Proving economic damages in court or during settlement negotiations will typically involve providing documentation like receipts or bills.

Non-economic Damages

Non-economic damages are less tangible or quantifiable than economic damages; they refer generally to the pain and suffering—whether it be physical, mental, or emotional—that an accident victim experiences as a result of their injuries. Just because they are less objectively verifiable than economic damages does not make them any less real to the victim or their families. It can be difficult to assign an exact number to non-economic damages, but the general rule is that they will be higher the worse the pain and suffering are.

Punitive Damages

While the first two categories of damages exist to make the accident victim whole again after sustaining an injury, punitive damages serve a different purpose; punitive damages are a punishment for the wrongdoer, as well as a warning to other parties who may be in the position to act in a similar way. They are typically only available in cases where the wrongdoer acted intentionally or with “gross negligence,” a legal term that essentially amounts to acting in a reckless or very careless way. For example, if a ride operator knew that a given ride was broken in a very dangerous way but allowed people to get on and ride it as a prank, then there may be punitive damages awarded if injuries or deaths result.

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