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It should come as no surprise that delivery drivers cause countless accidents each year in Colorado, as more and more individuals are working from home, ordering in food, and utilizing delivery apps, such as UberEats or DoorDash. Although this is a great way to get hot pizza delivered to your door, this also increases the number of drivers on the road, and subsequently may increase the number of accidents. Contact one of our experienced Fort Collins pizza delivery accident lawyers today if you have been injured in an accident.

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What to do following a pizza delivery accident

A motor vehicle accident of any kind, including one with a pizza delivery driver, may leave you feeling hurt, shocked, and confused as to what to do next. While each case is different, there are certain steps you should keep in mind in case you ever find yourself a victim of an automobile accident. These steps include:

Seeking Medical Attention

No matter how minor you believe your injuries are, you should always seek medical attention following a car accident. Your adrenaline may be masking more serious wounds and you may have certain injuries that are hard to see, such as internal bleeding. A medical professional can help get you the care that you need, as your health is of the utmost importance.

Calling Local Law Enforcement

After you are safe, contact the local law enforcement, such as the Fort Collins Police Department. Police officers will be able to properly investigate the scene and create an official accident report, which will come in handy later on when negotiating with insurance companies. For instance, after an initial investigation, a police officer may determine the pizza delivery driver ran a red light and was at fault for the collision; this information is crucial when discussing settlement amounts or when fighting in court for the compensation you deserve.

Documenting the Scene of the Accident

Next, document the entire scene of the accident. You may want to take pictures of the scene, cross-streets, all signage on the road, and all of the damages. These pictures are important, especially when you are being questioned about the specifics of the accident later on when preparing your personal injury claim.

You may also want to write down everything you can remember about how the accident occurred and what happened immediately afterward. For example, did you see the other driver swerving? Or running a stop sign? This information is extremely important, and your memory may start to fade before your case can be brought to court.

Collecting Relevant Information

Collect and maintain certain information from the other parties involved, including the driver’s name and insurance information, the contact information of the delivery company, the license plate number, and the contact information of any witnesses.

Contacting an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Near You

Finally, consider contacting a personal injury lawyer with experience in car accidents and dealing with insurance companies; the right personal injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve for your physical injuries, emotional anguish, and property damage. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident in Colorado, or have any concerns regarding the steps detailed above, contact our attorneys at Zinda Law Group as soon as you can. Our reliable team can guide you through the next steps and answer any questions you may have regarding your potential lawsuit; for your convenience, we are available 24, 7, so call us today.

Who is liable following a pizza delivery accidents in fort collins?

After an accident with a delivery driver, you may be left wondering who is liable for your injuries and property damage. There are multiple individuals who may be held liable, although it depends solely on the facts of your individual case and on the insurance policies of the pizza company. Typically, you will be able to sue either the delivery driver, the pizza company, or possibly both for your injuries and resulting property damage:

Pizza Delivery Driver

The pizza delivery driver may be held at fault for all or part of the resulting damages if he or she was negligent, or if the driver holds personal insurance policies for accidents that occur while working. Insurance coverage becomes trickier to figure out, however, with the use of different food delivery apps, as each company may have different policies regarding insurance. Hiring an expert Fort Collins personal injury lawyer at Zinda Law Group may put your mind at peace knowing we have handled many cases similar to yours before and are here to investigate your accident and deal with insurance companies on your behalf.

Pizza Company

In some situations, you may be able to sue the pizza company directly for the driver’s negligence, as employers are typically responsible for their employee’s negligence; this is only possible, however, when the employee is acting within the scope of their employment. Additionally, many food delivery drivers are now independent contractors; if this is the case, you may have a more difficult time filing a claim against the pizza company. A Fort Collins injury lawyer at Zinda Law Group can help you determine who is at fault and whom you can file a claim against following your accident.

Examples of Insurance Policies for Delivery Companies

While some companies offer their drivers insurance for automobile accidents, some may not. Below are examples of the types of coverage certain food delivery companies have for their drivers:


All Uber drivers, including Uber Eats drivers, are covered by commercial auto insurance while the driver is online and using the driver app, so long as the driver maintains comprehensive and collision coverage on his or her personal auto insurance; this means that Uber will maintain auto insurance on behalf of their drivers, up to a certain monetary amount, but only when the driver is online using the driver app.


Like Uber, DoorDash will provide automobile insurance to their drivers; however, this insurance only applies when the driver is using a motor vehicle on an active delivery. In order for their coverage to apply, the driver must be liable for the damages to another party, the driver must be on active duty, and the driver’s personal automobile insurance must have denied their claim. This means that the driver must maintain their own, up-to-date, auto insurance.

If you have questions regarding who is at fault for your Fort Collins, Colorado, pizza delivery accident, contact our knowledgeable team today. Our experienced personal injury lawyers can help you through every step of your potential case and fight for your legal rights in front of a judge if a favorable settlement cannot be made; further, our team has ample experience in negotiating with insurance companies. Contact us today for your free consultation.

what is the statute of limitations for pizza delivery accidents in fort collins?

Before you file any kind of legal suit, you must understand the statute of limitations for that particular kind of claim. The statute of limitations is the legal time limit you have to file a case; this time limit is very important, as you may be barred from receiving any kind of compensation for your injuries if you fail to file on time. The statute of limitations is different for each kind of case and varies from state to state; therefore, you should contact an experienced Fort Collins injury attorney as soon as you can following your accident so that you are sure you file your case on time.

In Colorado, you generally have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit; however, this time limit changes if your accident involves a motor vehicle. The time limit to file a case involving a motor vehicle in Colorado is three years. This means that if you were involved in an accident with a pizza delivery driver while he or she was in a motor vehicle, you will have three years from the date of the accident to file your claim.

If you have any questions regarding the statute of limitations in your case, contact a Fort Collins injury lawyer at Zinda Law Group today. We will investigate your case, determine the at-fault party, and help you file your personal injury lawsuit on time.

Why should I hire Zinda law group Fort Collins pizza delivery accident lawyers?

After suffering from a motor vehicle accident, you will need to hire the right personal injury attorney to help you with your potential pizza delivery accident claim. Zinda Law Group is nationally recognized and has received numerous prestigious awards, such as Inc.’s “5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America” and the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys’ “10 Best Law Firms for Client Satisfaction.” In addition to these notable recognitions, Zinda Law Group is also set apart for these reasons:

Client Services

Zinda Law Group maintains a relatively small docket, which helps us to ensure that all of our clients receive the individualized attention they deserve for their unique cases. We are here for our clients during each step of the legal process, from the initial consultation to the final verdict, settlement, or other result. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for our clients and are here to ensure that you do not have to face this difficult time alone.

Great Settlement Amounts

Zinda Law Group personal injury attorneys have proven success in getting our clients the maximum amount of compensation for their injury claims. For instance, we have achieved many six- and seven-figure results for our deserving and admirable clients. Contact us today to discuss how much your case may be worth and rest easy knowing you have a team of knowledgeable attorneys on your side.

Focus on Litigation

Although a number of our motor vehicle accident cases will settle outside of court, our team treats each and every case as if it will go to trial. Our attorneys have ample trial experience and are not afraid to fight for our clients in front of a judge or jury to get them the compensation they deserve for their physical injuries, mental anguish, and property damage.

Vast Resources

Zinda Law Group personal injury attorneys have a variety of resources and can utilize cutting-edge technology to conduct a thorough investigation of each case. Further, we can hire top-notch expert witnesses to help build the strongest possible case. Our network is nationwide, and we work tirelessly for all of our clients.

Dedication to Our Clients

Our attorneys pride themselves on providing a superior level of dedication, professionalism, and responsiveness to each one of our clients. We have the experience and resources necessary to help all of our clients pursue the justice and compensation they deserve. Further, we can advise our clients on all of their legal rights and help them make informed decisions regarding their potential pizza delivery accident lawsuit.

Zinda Law Group is client-focused and hires only the best lawyers to handle cases of all types. Our team has grown tremendously since it was founded in 2008 and has had the honor of fighting for our Fort Collins clients in a number of personal injury cases, include motor vehicle accidents, workplace injuries, slip and fall accidents, and more. If you have any other questions as to why you should hire a Zinda Law Group accident lawyer in Colorado, contact us today.

zinda law group fort collins pizza delivery accident lawyers are here for you TODAY to discuss your unique case

Any motor vehicle accident can be scary; however, when you are unsure of who is liable for your injuries, the process may be even more daunting. For instance, if you were injured due to a DoorDash driver who does not maintain personal auto insurance, the DoorDash company may refuse to pay for the accident and resulting injuries or property damage. Further, you may have to fight with one or more insurance companies who will want to pay you less than you deserve; it is important, therefore, to contact an experienced and skillful Colorado personal injury lawyer to fight on your behalf and to handle the insurance companies.

If you have suffered injury due to an accident involving a pizza delivery driver, contact a knowledgeable Fort Collins injury attorney at Zinda Law Group as soon as possible to discuss your potential case. Our team is here to fight for your legal rights and to answer any questions you may have.

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