Dealing with Insurance Adjustors in Fort Worth

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If you’ve ever been in a car accident then you may have spoken to an insurance adjustor. As soon as you file your accident report and call your insurance company, this triggers a notification to the adjustor handling your region. Most insurance adjustors are trained in a standard method of ascertaining the amount of damages due to you for your wreck.

Insurance companies have standard payment schedules they go by when deciding almost any types of damages. Back a few years ago, insurance companies would send you an advertisement about purchasing accident insurance that clearly laid out the amount of money they would pay for loss of one hand, foot, finger, leg and that sort of thing. Though it may seem gruesome, this was their method of determining what to pay the insured if they should ever become injured in some type of accident.

Today, things are much different. There are a number of factors that can go into deciding what to pay if you are involved in a Fort Worth auto accident. Things are no longer cut and dry the way they once were and that’s why today, we have personal injury lawyers. If you should lose a hand at work and you are a professional who must have both hands healthy in order to perform your job, then that will be taken into account when considering any monetary settlement.

The bottom line to remember when dealing with an insurance adjustor is that they are trained to offer you the lowest possible amount of money for your injuries and damages. Their job is built around helping the insurance company they work for by minimizing your claim amount. They may try to say that you were somehow at fault for the accident and that the insurance shouldn’t have to pay at all.

Though most of us agree that these tactics are deplorable, it’s how big insurance companies stay in business. They charge as much as the law and local economy will allow for their insurance policies and they pay the smallest possible amount out on claims. Over the years, this strategy has led a number of insurance companies to become mega-giants in the insurance industry, but it has also forced the insured to seek legal help any time they had the misfortune to be involved in some type of accident.

Thousands of accidents occur all over America every day. The streets of Fort Worth, Texas are heavily congested most days especially during rush hour. Everyone is pushing and shoving their way through bumper-to-bumper traffic to get where they’re going and many times these drivers are on the phone talking or texting someone while driving. In spite of the additional safety features on most cars these days, auto accidents are on the rise due to the new epidemic of distracted drivers.

If you find yourself involved in an auto accident, the best thing you can do is speak to a personal injury lawyer. Though you may later decide not to move forward with legal action, it gives you peace of mind to know that you have spoken with a professional attorney and learned all about your rights. Once you sign the papers presented to you by the insurance adjustor, you cannot file a law suit. It’s best to speak to a lawyer before meeting with the adjustor. Zinda Law Group PLLC offers free legal consultations because we know that you could be jeopardizing your family’s future if you sign away your rights too quickly, without all the facts.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a Fort Worth car accident, give Zinda Law Group a call today. Choosing the right legal counsel can make a huge difference in the settlement that your adjustor will offer. Those who have legal representation almost always get a better settlement from the auto accident. Our attorneys are available to assist you in making a good decision that you and your family will be happy with, so please contact our office today. Attorneys from Zinda Law Group PLLC are standing by to help you navigate the complex Texas legal system.